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Topic: The Cavalli Files II - Omicron
Message: Posted by: ParaLabs - Thomas (Jun 11, 2013 03:15PM)
Hi there,

Finally! :) We're proud to announce the actual release of the Cavalli Files' second volume: [b][i]Omicron[/i][/b].
Well, actually this volume contains more than Paolo's 2004 publication of the same name - in fact, this book contains four different works PLUS a foreword by John Riggs.


The contents of the name giving work 'Omicron' are the following:
[*][b]Miscellanea[/b][list][*][i]Remote Viewing of Some Kind[/i]
[*][i]You Do As I Do Book Test[/i]
[*][i]Arcanum Nine Point Zero[/i]
[*][i]In-Visible In-Sight[/i]
[*][b]Shades of Upsilon[/b][list][*][i]Patetogy[/i]

You can find some remarks on the actual routines of this publication (both content-wise as well as regarding actual reviews) here:

In addition to [b]Omicron[/b] the second volume of the Cavalli Files will contain Paolo's brilliant [b]'Watermark Codex'[/b] - an ingenious method of creating invisible markings (literally invisible!) that become visible only if you 'activate' them. Think about the possible applications a technique like this: You can mark envelopes for example in a way that there is literally nothing to see - even if one inspects them thoroughly. Only if you - you, as the all knowing performer - want it to ... the marking becomes visible - to you only!

The third part of this book is Paolo's [b]'Into the White'[/b]. He himself described this work as [i]"A routined blend of revelations you can use with the info you get with any means (Peek, Tear, Clipboard, Notepad, etc.) in order to apparently tell so much with so little..."[/i] - and yes, this composition makes LOTS of merely nothing.

And finally the book closes with an essay of ours (Rainer and me, Thomas, of ParaLabs). [b]'(How) Does Mind-reading really work?'[/b] are deliberations about neuropsychological aspects in the context of mind reading. "Mind reading - the Real Work" if you like, ... :)

You can get [b]'The Cavalli Files II - Omicron'[/b] containing Paolo's Omicron, The Watermark Codex, Into the White plus a bonus essay by Rainer and me again in the Cavalli section of http://www.paralabs.org/basket right now.

The price for the printed book is again $ 50 (about 38.50), shipping incl. - which IS a bargain for those four compiled works.
And if you think it cannot get better ... it can! :)

Exclusively for those who already got themselves the first volume of the Cavalli Files series and order the second one as well we offer an additional bonus ebook again.


[b][i]'Torn Totemptions'[/b][/i] is a wonderful collection of three ideas from our friend Iain Dunford. And again: This bonus is exclusively for those who get themselves BOTH actual volumes of the Cavalli Files (Upsilon and Omicron) - so you shouldn't miss this. ;)

Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jun 11, 2013 04:03PM)
Aha...there I am!

its a combo of three things:

1) the hateful page booktest
2) the hateful notepad
3) totem reading system (with small crystal animals)

hateful page has been used by a fair few people, including (if memory serves) Jerome Finley...the hateful notepad is an adaptation of the same idea (roots of which can be found in Annemann's work) but instead of describing scenes from a borrowed book, you can reveal drawings, numbers, names and words from a notepad that has been filled in by your audience... totem readings can be carried in a little bag and you are set... you don't have to buy the animals if you don't want to (but they do look pretty and interesting) - you can just write the names of the animals on business cards...

I called it Torn Totemptions because they are all papery or totemic...and more than anything else, I am very happy to be included in this project - and highly recommend Paolo's work (i have purchased a fair few bits from Paolo over the years)... his work deserves to be in print... all are extremely well thought out and above all else, useful and useable...
Message: Posted by: ParaLabs - Thomas (Jun 12, 2013 11:05AM)
... and your 'bonus' would be worth the price alone, my friend!
Thank you so much for your support!

Message: Posted by: ParaLabs - Thomas (Jun 18, 2013 03:39PM)
[url=http://www.marketplaceofthemind.com/cavafile2.html]Jheff's review, ... :)[/url]