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Topic: Princess Kate does magic
Message: Posted by: alextsui (Jun 21, 2013 11:57PM)
Sorry, it's not really Princess Kate but this beautiful female magician really reminded me of Princess Kate. Her name is Katherine though- Katherine Mills.

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jun 30, 2013 07:02AM)
Wow. She is pretty! Ya know, I'm a sucker for a British accent. I could listen to her talk all day...I just LOVE it! Looks like RingFlight is working well for her...

Message: Posted by: Mind illusionist (Jul 7, 2013 09:16AM)
Doug what happened to not going for the 20 somethings! ;)

Just kidding with ya man haha. not a bad performance, shes quite engaging and entertaining!
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 13, 2013 01:34PM)
Yeah, Mind', I know! At 57, it seems strange to get close to the young-uns, but when ya get to be my age, ya find a sweet, loving 20-something...well...and I don't care about being chastised for it. ;) Really, I can't go for the older gals now. They're all in nursing homes! Just kidding! ;)
Message: Posted by: Mind illusionist (Jul 16, 2013 10:14AM)
Haha I appreciate your sense of humour mate!
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 16, 2013 10:57AM)
Thank you Mind'! ;) Now, if a young lady would just take a second look at me...without it being to give a better description to the police... :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 24, 2013 07:37AM)
Slightly off-topic, but...

Last night I watched Star Trek: Deep Space 9's episode "Rejoined", and Terry Farrell (the lady who plays "Dax") did a bit of sleight of hand! She made an egg appear, and pulled a piece of "Latinum" from behind Quark's ear!

I laughed out loud at their reactions! I wonder how that got into the script? Does Terry do magic, and they wrote that in? I wish I could see more of what she can do...

Message: Posted by: Mind illusionist (Aug 13, 2013 01:05AM)
No idea man, I don't watch star trek much! But heres another female magic enthusiast for you haha