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Topic: Flash
Message: Posted by: xxxRoyxxx (Dec 3, 2003 01:26PM)
Maybe I'll get a better response here. I buy flashpaper from a local magicshop and many times the paper just doesn't burn in a fiery flash like it should. Sometimes it will just burn slowly which doesn't give that magical effect, So, does anyone know how to combat this OR does anyone know of a place to get higher quality paper in the States?
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Dec 3, 2003 01:43PM)
Hmm. One reason might be is if you happen to make it into a small ball and then light it. This will not burn as well, since the flames need to have "breathing room" so the flame can increase in size. Try lighting a piece that has not been handled a lot and is in its original shape (a sheet) and light it. All you need is a small piece, and see if it looks better. If that works fine, then the flash paper is okay but you are doing something to it between when it's right out of the package and when you light it. I do not know what this could be though :confused: .

My flash paper works great most of the time. I picked up a few packs from http://www.magicwarehouse.com.

It has worked great and I have had it for about 4 months now.

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Dec 3, 2003 02:53PM)
Flash paper comes sent to you in a wet state. This is for safety in transport. You must set it out to dry and get the moisture out of it first before using.

Also, keep in mind that flash paper is more of a longer burning type of effect. It is not meant to be an instantaneous burst of sudden flame.

If you are looking for an instant flame that is very fast, you will want to use flash cotton.

I hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: xxxRoyxxx (Dec 3, 2003 04:20PM)
Guys thanks for the replies...Kyle, I understand what you mean about the moist paper. That flash paper is a slower burning effect is a new one to me!... Other flash paper I've used and other magicians I've seen use it produce a more intense flame that burns rapidly. What I'm talking about is some sheets of flash paper that for some reason do not seem to burn very efficiently. The flame is slow to burn, not very intense; simply dull. I was just wondering if maybe there was something I could do to fix this; I thought that the paper I buy from my local shop is not of the highest quality, or maybe it's something else???
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Dec 3, 2003 06:06PM)
Quality could be a factor as well as how dry or how moist the paper is. They both contribute to how fast and how well the paper burns.

If your paper is old and has been around for a while, that will also effect the burn time.

Also, some paper may not have a good mixture of the chemicals and that may cause it to be more of a "dud" for you.

If you want a more instant flash that is intense and very quick, use flash cotten.
Message: Posted by: xxxRoyxxx (Dec 3, 2003 06:12PM)
Thanks!!! Will try...
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Dec 3, 2003 06:16PM)
Let me know how it goes for you and if anything makes a difference.
Message: Posted by: Fitz (Dec 5, 2003 01:28AM)
Flash paper will burn much faster when it is a ball as long as it can breathe. In sheet form it will take longer.

Keep your paper dry...

I would go to http://www.theatrefx.com

Pyro technician
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Dec 5, 2003 07:02AM)
Theatrefx is a great site and you can get some good info. there. Yes, keep the flash paper in a small ball that is not tightly wadded up and keep the paper dry. Also make sure to store the product in a metal container.
Message: Posted by: maylor (Dec 5, 2003 01:00PM)
Don't dry it out with a naked flame!
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Dec 5, 2003 03:35PM)
Yeah that might not be a good idea. hehe