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Topic: Lucky Recovery
Message: Posted by: MagicAndBlackjack (Dec 4, 2003 01:53PM)
So I was sitting at this table with two of my friends in my Cable Broadcasting class, and I was performing some tricks for them.

For the first trick I did, I had one of my friends pick any card and put it anywhere in the deck. I took over after he put the card halfway in and I left it sticking out to do a shuffle control to get the card to the bottom. I knew I had messed it up and I said, "Actually, nevermind; I know what I want to show you."

So I was going to do another trick and have him pick a new card. I riffled through the deck and had him say "stop" anywhere. No force at all. He said "stop" whenever he wanted and I cleanly stopped there and lifted the pack to show him the card.
He started laughing, and I knew what had happened. So basically he stopped me at his card that I lost the first time.

By luck it turned a horrible trick into a freaking MIRACLE!

Message: Posted by: BradleyNott (Dec 10, 2003 04:38PM)
I had a similar experience while doing an ambitious card routine.

I had a friend randomly select a card, which turned out to be a duplicate.

I somehow messed a move up and sheepishly retrieved the card and decided to do a reversal.

One card was of course face down in a face up deck....

The face down card was next to a face up card that was her selection, and the face down card was also her selection.

After shuffling and cutting the duplicates had somehow met--my eyes nearly popped from their sockets.

It was so strange, but made me look amazing because she had selected the only card that had a duplicate, and I had somehow manipulated both.

Message: Posted by: MagicAndBlackjack (Dec 15, 2003 12:48PM)
HAHA. That is a nice one.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 10, 2004 07:39AM)
Now if you could just package that little accident, market it, why you could be rolling in the dough!