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Topic: Taking advantage of a fizzy situation
Message: Posted by: Matt Graves (Dec 5, 2003 04:55PM)
The other day my aunt and I were at the grocery store, and we got a couple of cokes from the machines outside when we were leaving. She hadn't noticed, but her coke machine didn't have anything to catch the can as it came out, so it just whizzed out onto the concrete. She was all upset because it would probably explode in her face when she opened it--mine was from a different machine that did have something to catch it--so I said, "Wait, I'll move all the fizz from your can to mine, so I'll get splattered in the face instead of you." I did it and made a big show of it and all, and she absolutely loved it. That was such a spur of the moment thing...I'd never thought of a practical reason for doing Fizzmaster besides just wanting to make a mess, but....
Message: Posted by: Shane Wiker (Dec 5, 2003 11:43PM)
Great story. I tried performing it for my dad once but didn't get a good reaction. All I got was an explanation of how it was done and sticky hands and clothes. :rotf:
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 10, 2004 08:05AM)
I've got the Paul Harris book on order, and your story just whets my appetite for that effect all the more! I'm totally in the dark as to how it could be accomplished. But I'll soon find out.