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Topic: A main forum?
Message: Posted by: Matt Graves (Dec 5, 2003 05:01PM)
Just a suggestion . . . I think it would be a good idea to have a main forum that was just general magic discussion. There may already be one and I've just missed it. There are soooooo many forums now. I have a very slow connection, so I tend to try to stick to as few forums as possible.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 7, 2003 05:40AM)
There is a [b]General Magic[/b] category, but if we were to create a [i]General Magic Forum[/i], with the amount of visitors and postings that are made each day here it would soon become very disorganized.

The reason we have so many different categories/forums is so folks can quickly go to and find the areas they are specifically interested in without having to read stuff that does not interest them. Thanks for the suggestion.