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Topic: Performing for Kids and Magic and Mentalism
Message: Posted by: Jeff Wassom (Jul 29, 2013 10:24AM)

I do a lot of stuff for my friends children (ages 5-12) and was wondering if you have any favorite mentalism themes for this age group? I've found that 'thought' and 'mind' as general principles are often a bit abstract for them to grasp, so mostly stick to magic type things...

...which brings me to my next question, what are you thoughts in general of mixing magic and mentalism?
In your interview with Colin you mentioned doing a lot of things with cards before seeing Derren Brown, so did you completely change gears to mentalism oriented effects and stop doing color changes ;o), or was the shift gradual?

Cheers man!
Message: Posted by: Peter_turner (Jul 31, 2013 03:04PM)
Hey Jeff,

SO SORRY! I thought I had responded to it!

I have never performed to that demographic (except for my little boy) and he loves things changing visually or predictions appearing. He also likes me picking his pocket! (which I can't actually do) but hes five and likes me putting the object behind his ear for him to find.

I was a card man, my style before was very chanish and jazzed,I learnt really early how to fail gracefully ;)

As long as people love what they do and they feel it has made them who they are, I have not problems. I suppose it all depends on the outcome of the scario you are trying to create.

The shift happened naturally it wasn't something I thought about happening if I am 100% honest. It just sort of did.

I am very happy with the change and I certainly feel I am now heading in the right direction.

Do what you love and feel and don't worry about anyone else (Unless you are affecting them).

Pete x
Message: Posted by: Jeff Wassom (Jul 31, 2013 06:14PM)
Thanks for the reply Peter. As stated in a PM, used the conformation principle last night to divine a thought of card from a group of six for a cousin (age 7) and aunt (age 66), so in some ways I've already started answering my own question. lol

Your Penguin lecture really helped me start thinking in terms of principles, taking chances for the sake of taking chances as well as milking an effect for all it's worth, especially if you have a garaunteed hit built in.

I've been leaning more toward mentalism oriented effects because they seem a lot stronger and more personal than visual oriented material (which I still love to watch).