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Topic: Twe12e and Predict13s by Yana Triwardana
Message: Posted by: bagasmagic (Aug 8, 2013 06:39AM)
My friends, Yana Triwardana, has two effects named "Twe12e" and "Predict13s". Each trick can be played with same card stack. You can see the effect in this video:


What do you think about the effects?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hallahan (Sep 1, 2013 08:37PM)
The effects in your routines are good. There are some published routines with that stack that are even stronger. I'll list two further below.

Both of the ideas that make your routines work are published. It's apparent you are using an old and well-known stack. The properties of this stack have been extensively analyzed. That's not to say something new couldn't be discovered, but the properties you've found are known.

[i]CARD[/i]ivination, by Bob Wagner, uses a different method with the same stack to perform a divination of one card and then a similar location to your first effect for a second card in the same routine. He lists a way to perform the routine using two different prediction, so his routine can be repeated a second time without it being obvious the routine always needs the same prediction. Also, since he doesn't show the top two cards for the prediction, but instead cards further in the deck, his routine seems even more amazing. It seems less likely that his routine works because the cards are prearranged. [i]CARD[/i]ivination is published in Bob Wagner's [i]Master Notebook of Magic[/i].

There's another great location using that stack on page 140 of [i]Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III[/i] (Volume 3) by Steve Beam. I won't mention the name of that routine because the name tells the stack you are using.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of published routines using properties of that stack.

Congratulations if you figured out those ideas yourself.