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Topic: Nick Lewin's Psychometry Royale
Message: Posted by: George Hunter (Aug 20, 2013 07:55PM)
I noticed that Hocus Pocus is now featuring a new pseudo-psychometry bags and routine--Nick Lewin's Psychometry Royale.

Can anyone review it? Is it an improvement on the classical Fogel Second Spot? For a comfortably retired hobbyist who likes that kind of routine, can one justify $125.00?

Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Aug 23, 2013 01:53AM)
The use of Royale bags looks very nice, but it would appear that no new principle is at work here...the Fogel write up always stresses that it is about the object not the bag, so I like my bags to be innocuous...

For a bar and gambling theme, these could be very nice indeed...
Message: Posted by: Stellan (Aug 23, 2013 04:01AM)
In search for an improvement or a commercial routine for Pseudo-psychometry Nick Lewin has come up with a routine that integrates it with another magic trick. This makes the routine a combination of magic and mentalism with a comedy touch. The pure mentalist will probably not approve of this.
Nick Lewin is a real pro and I can see that the routine is a commercial piece in his hands, though I miss a performance clip as the instructions are only written. As I understand it he has performed this routine for about ten years before he put it on the market. I like this. He has integrated the magic in a very nice way that definitely adds to the routine if you don't mind the magic. The routine is from a workers arsenal and is the kind of routine that will build the more you perform it.
I also want to perform Pseudo-psychometry in a different way to give it a personal touch but I will not use Nick's solution for different reasons. I think that there are people that will like his idea and use it.
I will however use the bags. I like them though you could argue that they draw some attention, but I don't think that it matters in any way. They are not fancy, they are something you can find out there in the world and they work well. You can find several kinds of bags that will work well or you can make your own. It boils down to a matter of taste or style.
This is not an easy trick to do well as it depends on if your interaction with spectators will be entertaining. Tips and hints from a performer like Nick Lewin who has worked the routine for ten years are always welcome.

For the comfortably retired hobbyist (and for the pro as well) that is not aiming at a stage show I would recommend Dan Harlan's routine with paper bags. You can find it on the Minotaur DVD
Message: Posted by: George Hunter (Aug 23, 2013 07:59AM)
Thanks, Guys:

I already have the Dan Tong "Second Spot" bags, they are fine and I enjoy performing with them.

It does not appear, at least so far, that the Lewin props are a great improvement. In any case, I'd likely not be interested in performing Lewin's complementary magic effect.

Message: Posted by: Amirá (Aug 26, 2013 08:11AM)
I have done PP with normal velvet bags for some time now. Its an excellent piece and I don't think that I need other one
In my routine I give away the bags, so I don't think that is good for my economy to get this ones ;)