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Topic: The Tarot Reader's Notebook
Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Dec 10, 2003 08:54PM)
Is this book on the Tarot and cold reading any good?

Message: Posted by: David Numen (Dec 11, 2003 03:27AM)
I could be a smart alec and just say yes but I'll elaborate.

Cold Reading is something you master through experience. You need help from other sources to gather some initial knowledge and this book is one of the best sources out there. It is not a book of stock lines, in fact it doesn't even tell you how to read the cards.

I'd say it's a must have for any aspiring reader. However, I wouldn't say it's a beginners book. If you're looking for a book that'll teach you how to read tarot then you're better off getting a book that treats the subject legitimately. In fact, buy this and a good book on tarot. The book has one of the best bibliographies in any cold reading book and if you follow his advice on what to read you will become an excellent reader.


Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Dec 11, 2003 04:14AM)
Thanks David

I've already got several 'legit' books on tarot.

I've also got Ian Rowlands Cold Reading Book, Brad Henderson's Dance book, Red Hot Cold Reading and King Of The Cold Readers by Dewey

I was just intrigued that this was a tarot specific approach
Message: Posted by: David Numen (Dec 11, 2003 04:39AM)
Hi Bev,

Given the books you already have you may well find much of it repeated in the Tarot Readers Notebook, however I still think it is worthwhile. Ron is a reader with years of experience and you might find a few surprises.

Given that it's the price of a reading or two I'd say go for it.


Message: Posted by: Gregg Tobo (Dec 12, 2003 11:30PM)

I'll second David's response.

It's a good book drawn from years of experience. Martin doesn't teach the meaning of the cards, but does share his ideas on presentation and philosophy. And scattered throughout are many useful lines and observations.

The book is unstructured and conversational, the kind of book that -- if read repeatedly -- will teach you a lot, although it may be hard to pinpoint specifically what it taught you...

Gregg Tobo
Message: Posted by: swiss_magician (Apr 4, 2009 02:43AM)
Sorry for this maybe not relevant thread digging, but I smiled while reading it. I found this thread during a search...nostalgia, nostalgia?...almost 6 years old, and a proof that we almost all go along the same way when learning :)

Enjoy you day!

Message: Posted by: necro555 (Jun 12, 2009 05:41AM)
I did want to get this, but after going to one of Ian Rowland's lectures and watching him do his cold reading stuff, I am quite tempted to buy his cold reading book. I'll probably come back and buy this Tarot Reader's notebook at a later stage.
Message: Posted by: epoptika (Jun 29, 2009 09:47PM)
Very highly recommended!