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Topic: The Lecture by Steve Valentine
Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Sep 16, 2013 02:10PM)
Hey Guys- I see that Steve Valentine put out a lecture dvd dated Aug 2013 from the Magic Castle.
Three by Steve Valentine is perhaps my favorite trick- pure gold. Booked looks amazing.
Anyone see this lecture? Reviews?
I'm jumping in because it looks like Gold- Steve is so talented. Just wanted to see if someone jumped in first.
Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Sep 16, 2013 02:12PM)
DVD Contents:
IN EARLY 2013, actor and two time Magic Castle Close-up Magician of the Year, Steve Valentine was invited to present his first ever lecture to The Magic Castle (TM) in Hollywood California.

The Lecture ran almost three hours and Steve tipped everything. Not just his original effects, but also real world handling and classic tricks almost lost in oblivion.

This is the Lecture that everyone was talking about.

Included in Part One (almost 90 minutes) are incredibly commercial Close Up and Stand up effects all used by Steve in the real world. As well as amazing stories from his long and worldwide life as a magician on the road. This DVD will amaze and entertain you:

SPONGED ( a lesson in TT handling from his Castle Act )

CUT DECK (visually restore a deck cut in two, no pulls or pockets)

DICK TURPIN'S THINK A CARD ( the greatest single impromptu card trick... ever)

CARDS UP SLEEVE BITS (two of the most visual and funniest additions to your Cards To Pocket routine, guaranteed to get laughs)


VALENTROL ( the simpist, fastest and most convincing control of any number of cards for The Multiple Selection Routine. Including three additions from Steves act that will kill)

And plenty more information you didn't know you needed!
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Sep 16, 2013 02:44PM)
I was just looking at this on Penguin:

Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Sep 16, 2013 03:17PM)
Is Booked in the lecture.
Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Sep 16, 2013 04:03PM)
I was hoping you would show up Zombie. I'm sure it is good.
Steven- I don't see it on there- or Three. I doubt he will put it on the DVD since this is a new release for the same cost as Booked.
But I do see it is listed as Volume 1. And the description says he gave a 3 hour lecture and the dvd is 90 minutes so I'll bet we have a volume 2 coming out.
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Sep 16, 2013 04:12PM)
Jcrabtree2007, I don't have the DVD. Would love to read some reviews.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Sep 16, 2013 04:35PM)
On 2013-09-16 15:10, jcrabtree2007 wrote:
Three by Steve Valentine is perhaps my favorite trick- pure gold.

You said it..Great effect, and my favorite also. ...
Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Sep 16, 2013 04:36PM)
I can't see why he would put Booked in there as it has it's own separate release - which is SO good. That would eat into his DVD release.

Can't tip everything - everything is a big statement.

I am very interested in this - he is also a great actor too.
Message: Posted by: magicjoe (Sep 16, 2013 05:39PM)
Steve had a great show at MagicLive
Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Sep 16, 2013 08:46PM)
Ok. I'm going to sell some stuff so I can buy this new DVD. Out with the old- in with the new.
Message: Posted by: fyi2 (Sep 24, 2013 08:45PM)
Mr Crabtree did you ever buy the lecture I'd love a review from someone.

Message: Posted by: john Graybeal (Sep 25, 2013 07:49PM)
I watched the lecture. Funny and entertaining. Booked is not in the part one lecture.
There are some card slights. His only impromptu card trick. Stories from when he was young that made me laugh out loud.
There is a multi card revelation that is real nice. I am looking forward to part 2. He breaks down in close up some of the slights in the lecture.

I recommend it!

$30 to buy
$15 to rent for 24 hours

Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Oct 13, 2013 10:05PM)
OK, I bought the lecture. I have watched it thru once. And I really, really enjoyed it.
First, Steve is such a pleasure to watch. Funny guy, great stories. Seems down to earth.
My initial impression of the Lecture:

Sponged- who needs another sponge ball trick? Me- it is much more than a sponge ball trick but his handling on the TT. Before I saw this I thought to myself (I know how to use a TT, I'll probably just skip that section). That would have been a big mistake. He gives advise and other ways to get in and out with the TT that I've never thought of. Fantastic section- you should gain something from this.

Cut Deck- What a great way to introduce your cards to an audience. A great opener for parlour or close-up. Not hard to do- ends clean.So visual! You literaly expand a deck in full view. Beautiful to watch. I really like this one. This is going into my repertoire.

Dick Durbin's Think a Card- I'm really excited about this one. The simplicity yet how powerful this would be. I am no card expert but this should be within an intermediate practioner's reach. Impromptu. Has an out if you miss (the out is actually better than the hit). I'm going to work on this one- I think this one is golden.

The DL and Correct Slip Cut Force- I like his ways of doing the card controls. Very nice. Good info.
The Valetrol- Controlling multiple selections. I found this information very useful. Very easy method but it looks so clean. Very small setup needed but the gimmick is very easy to have ready. I will probably use this one as well. I liked this as you can reveal 8 or 10 or 12 cards at once. Multiple spectators get involved.

Overall, I really enjoyed the lecture and will get Part 2 when it comes out. Steve is a good teacher. He explains most things very well. He is generous with the information he provides. Lots of funny stories- good magic. I can recommend highly.
Message: Posted by: swayne100 (Mar 19, 2014 09:01AM)
I thought this was really great. Does anyone know when the second part will be released?
Message: Posted by: Sashac (Mar 19, 2014 09:07AM)
I asked Steve, here is his answer:

Hey Sasha thanks man. Part two may be released in single segments. The cards to pocket is growing into its own huge project, as is the card in tic tacs and other things. As I record the extra footage I find more and more material to add and then discover it's large enough for its own project! So anyway that's the long answer.
But thank you for your kind words. Te CLOTH DVD should be in a few weeks
Message: Posted by: taller8 (Mar 19, 2014 10:32AM)
This DVD was a pleasant surprise for me too. A great communicator and an engaging performer.

I hope he doesn't do a Penguin lecture, but keeps on releasing DVDs at his own pace.
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Mar 19, 2014 10:13PM)
On Oct 13, 2013, jcrabtree2007 wrote:

Dick Durbin's Think a Card- I'm really excited about this one.


He's not just the Assistant Majority Leader - he's a mentalist Ninja!

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Mar 19, 2014 10:25PM)
I take it Three is not on this DVD? Is "Three" the same as "3 Card Routine (Cards and DVD) by Steve Valentine" that I see on Penguin for $50?

Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Mar 19, 2014 10:25PM)
I love Booked - Steve is awesome!
Message: Posted by: Matt Bartz (Mar 20, 2014 02:58PM)
Sasha- Thanks for that update from Steve.

I watched him in the close up gallery at the Castle a couple weeks ago and he was spectacular. He did a dazzling ambitious card, card to pocket, card to wallet with a card to tic tac box finale. It knocked everyone off their feet, but so did everything he performed that night. Sounds like he is planning on releasing some of that material, which is great news. His performance was so strong, I literally went home afterward because I wanted that to be the closer of the night for me. No wonder why he won close up performer of the year there two times in a row.

I'm jealous of those that are headed to San Diego next month for Magic-Con.
Message: Posted by: msukairi (Mar 21, 2014 06:13AM)
Steve is Awesome, ( Three ) is the best.

Message: Posted by: wally (Jan 19, 2015 12:33PM)
Is his spong ball anygood for close up,
Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Jan 27, 2015 11:03PM)
[quote]On Jan 19, 2015, wally wrote:
Is his spong ball anygood for close up, [/quote]
Yes it is.
Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (May 7, 2016 08:26AM)
This is a great lecture.

I have a question: In the lecture Mr Valentine mentions a book called My Best. In my ignorance I am unfamiliar with the book. Can anyone tell me who wrote it please?

Thanks :)
Message: Posted by: Feral Chorus (May 7, 2016 10:36AM)
My Best was compiled by J. G. Thompson. Some good stuff in that book.
Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (May 7, 2016 11:11AM)
[quote]On May 7, 2016, Feral Chorus wrote:
My Best was compiled by J. G. Thompson. Some good stuff in that book. [/quote]

Great! I'll try to find a copy.

Thank you very much. :)