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Topic: When posting in this forum...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 23, 2013 08:18PM)
[b]Deck the Halls:[/b] This forum is for the [b]review[/b] of playing cards only. No Ebooks, PDF's, Downloads or Magic Tricks- no exceptions! Reviews on any other items will be removed with no explanation given, [i]no exceptions[/i]! By reviews we mean quality of the deck, finish on the cards, the box, etc. This area is not to debate ethics or whether or not an item belongs to a particular company, artist, etc. Please remember, this area is for reviews [i]exclusively[/i]. All other subject matter will be removed.

In addition, (creators/ artists/distributors/manufacturers or their employees or affiliates) are prohibited from either [i]requesting[/i] or [i]implementing[/i] a review of their [i]own[/i] cards in these areas, or announcing a forthcoming deck (e.g, Just released!, Now accepting Pre-Orders!, etc). Doing so is not only bad form, but constitutes nothing more then a blatant attempt at receiving free advertising. If you are the creator/artist/distributor or manufacturer of an item and would like to purchase a banner and become a Café sponsor, please send an email to: stevebrooks@themagiccafe.com
If you would like a review of said item, please see the [b]Catch of the day![/b] forums. :bwink: