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Topic: David regal - Books vs DVD's?
Message: Posted by: danielchua (Dec 16, 2003 03:13AM)
I have limited budgets. I can only choose either to buy David's book ie constant foolings or the DVD series? I am working on cards. Which will be more beneficial?
Message: Posted by: Nir Dahan (Dec 16, 2003 05:23AM)
Go with the videos - you will get more effects per dollar in the book form, but what books don't show you is the presentation.
now there will be those who say you have to develop "your own presentation" and and and... send them to read the beautiful article on originallity in magic written by whit haydn - can be found here:

get books only if you are many years in magic and you have the ability to work out your own presentations and ideas, otherwise if you are intermediate or beginner - go with DVDs you get so much more from there which is not written.

I am over 15 years into magic and I must tell you I missed a few gems by reading and skipping them, just because they were either described bad, or I couldn't imagine the effect as well as it was. after seeing those effects performed I regained interest.

Message: Posted by: danielchua (Dec 16, 2003 05:52AM)
Thanks Nir...appreciate you comment...shall go for the DVD's
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Dec 16, 2003 09:28AM)
I think the books are more worth it (to be opposite to nir :) ) but seriously...regal actually gives almost his exact patter and presentational tips in the book format as well, which I cant say for many other books. and of course, you get so much more in the book form. I have all his books and some of his vids and I treasure the books more
Message: Posted by: Nir Dahan (Dec 16, 2003 09:33AM)
I might tend to agree that Regal is different regarding his descriptions but still to see something performed is not the same as to read it. sometimes the performer does things he himself is not even aware of!!!

Message: Posted by: danielchua (Dec 16, 2003 06:41PM)
Does the DVDs has all his best routine performed?
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Dec 16, 2003 07:34PM)
More or less...yes. though some other gems appear in his books. his best close up and personal, star quality tricks are on dvd. but a lot of his good constant fooling tricks aren't all inclluded in his dvds
Message: Posted by: danielchua (Dec 17, 2003 02:28AM)
Thanks David...that makes my life easy...will get all his DVD and his constant foolings books...hope that completes the REGAL's collection...due to limited budget.......
Message: Posted by: marko (Dec 17, 2003 04:53PM)
Sounds like a good decision. You can't really go wrong either way anyway. There is a great value in the books because you get more of Regal's tricks and ideas than you would in the DVDs. But there is value in the DVDs because you get to see Regal actually performing his creations.