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Topic: My creations
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Dec 18, 2003 03:12PM)
I'm thinking about doing a low-cost production of a video with a few of my tricks and ideas. I'll sell it as a DVD or maybe a CD for a few dollars to cover production costs, etc. just to Magic Café members. Any advise?

- Thanks
Message: Posted by: ekozuch (Dec 26, 2003 08:51PM)
The best advice I think I can tell you is JUST DO IT!!!

I know many people with great ideas, but they always say they will publish a book or film a video, and then they never finish. So do not be afraid and go ahead.
Good luck!!!
Message: Posted by: Tielie (Jan 28, 2004 08:48AM)
Dante King proves that even with a webcam you can still make nice video's teaching some stuff. I have "practical methods" and I really like it :D

Just go for it, good luck.
Message: Posted by: Liam Jones (Apr 1, 2004 01:16PM)
With a web cam you can do marvelous things like record digital video and edit simply
Message: Posted by: rannie (Apr 18, 2004 12:31PM)
Good luck ! Let us know when its ready!

Message: Posted by: redstreak (Apr 29, 2004 10:53PM)
This is on the back burner for now. I probably won't get around to it until late summer. If I do, I'll post again.
Message: Posted by: Chris Berry (Apr 30, 2004 01:12PM)
Let me encourage you to get your name out.

Otherwise you'll waste your money.