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Topic: My chop cup.
Message: Posted by: ninjaduffy (Dec 19, 2003 01:55PM)
I have my first chop cup everyone and I love it...

I have learned the routine that has come with it...
1. a ball is dropped into the cup and goes straight through. then I place the ball into my pocket.

2.then the ball magically moves from my pocket to the cup, I put it back in my pocket.

3. I mime throwing the ball in and then it appears. I put again back in my pocket.

4. then the lemon turns up next.

I love it but folks is there anything else I could do that is exciting and would be good for me to practice?

would love to add a little somthing else? any tips..

thank you very much.

Message: Posted by: Leeman (Dec 25, 2003 01:59AM)
A while ago somebody made a post about all the effects that could be done with a chop cup. I belive it is in the ever so sleightly forum. That should give you a starting point.
Message: Posted by: rvigon (Feb 14, 2004 08:42PM)
Try and get hold of some fottege ofis chop cup paul daniels performing his chop cup WOWOWOWOW