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Topic: Multiplying bottles and new stuff
Message: Posted by: RWhit (Oct 28, 2013 03:14PM)
Do you know what bottle that the new Donnelly set is modeled after?
Or is it just a generic shape? I understand that at a recent lecture you
also had a different looking set.

I am curious as to what you are working on next
I imagine that the Chaplin act is probably changed very little.(correct me it wrong)
but you can use anything when performing as Paul can't you?
Message: Posted by: Paul Romhany (Oct 28, 2013 03:29PM)
Hello RWhit
Reg's new bottles (V2.0) is modelled after real bottles. There was another question about them in another post which I answered. Yes I had a set at a lecture here in Vancouver and they sold out instantly. I know that as soon as magicians see them they will want a set.

Chaplin does change but it's been an act that has kept me working around the world for coming on 25 years. It changes but the thing about the act is that it's timeless - just like Chaplin. I have my set pieces that are now my signature effects and they still play as well today as they did when I first developed them. Sure they have taken on various changes over the years but the meat and potatoes of the act remains the same. I do have notebooks of material I have developed over the years for Charlie but finding the time to work on them isn't easy.

As Paul I do a Murder By Magic Theme which is mostly mentalism and that changes when I want to add new things in.

I also do walk-around as Chaplin and/or Paul so that gives me more scope. Working silently for walkabout has it's challenges and is a book and lecture by itself.