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Topic: Tammy Calvert in need of some help
Message: Posted by: Frank Simpson (Oct 30, 2013 12:37PM)
Hello all!

My friend Jade posted this notice this morning (10-30-13) on Facebook. I am hoping that many magicians here will be able to respond.

[i]Some months ago Tammy and John Calvert sued Ohio physician Randy Wolf in California for $63,000 of his unpaid $100,000 purchase price for “Magicarama,” the Calverts’ world famous magic show, which was delivered to Dr. Wolf in 2008. Attorney Jack Browne, who has been handling the case for no fee, has informed Tammy that due to an adverse ruling which must be appealed concerning California jurisdiction over Dr. Wolf, additional court costs of $2,000 are necessary before any more progress can be made on the case, and that Tammy needs to have this sum by November 12th. Tammy's funds are completely tapped out.

I am reaching out to the magical community to help out this cause for John and Tammy. If 2,000 magicians gave $1 to help, it could very well make the difference between what is right and wrong. It’s the extra four quarters sitting on your desk that you’ve overlooked every morning as you work on your computer. Contributions can be made on PayPal to EpicProductions@Juno.com.

You won’t miss your four quarters, and your action may prove heroic. Tammy and I send you our heartfelt thanks in advance. Please like this so others may hear of the need for good will. Thank you!


As a follow up, Randy Wakeman posted this:

[i]Message by John R. Browne III

Dear Alan,

I thought the magic fraternity should know that on March 7, 2013, I filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on behalf of John and Tammy Calvert against Randy Wolf, an Ohio physician. A copy of the Complaint is linked below. The Complaint alleges that in 2007 the Calverts contracted to sell Magicarama, their world famous magic show, to Defendant Wolf for $100,000.

Also, that the Calverts delivered the show to Defendant Wolf in 2008 and spent time teaching the show to Defendant Wolf and his family in California and elsewhere, but that after paying $37,000 towards the purchase price and keeping the show for two years, Defendant Wolf defaulted and refused to pay the remaining $63,000 to complete the purchase and would not return the show to the Calverts unless they returned the money he had paid them.

Besides Breach of Contract, the Complaint also alleges Financial Elder Abuse against Defendant Wolf for violation of the California Welfare & Institutions Code. To this day, Defendant Wolf still has the Magicarama show, although has only paid a fraction of the agreed upon purchase price.

We anticipate that the attorneys for Defendant Wolf will file a motion early on to object to his being sued in California. We will attempt to defeat any such motion by contending that Defendant Wolf had sufficient connections with the State of California during the operative time period so as to subject him to the jurisdiction of courts in California.

To view court documentation go to:

We will issue a status report when the court rules on the anticipated motion. Meanwhile, if any of your readers would like to contact John and Tammy to wish them well, their email address is epicproductions@juno.com

Best wishes,

Jack Browne

John R. Browne III
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in Legal Ability & Ethical Standards (AV)
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Message: Posted by: RandyWakeman (Oct 30, 2013 03:13PM)
Helping John Calvert

John Calvert's wife, Tammy, is facing some severe financial issues. My friend, Alan Watson, of Magic New Zealand®, reported back on Sunday May 19, 2013 that there were some serious issues concerning his Magicamara show. Well, that was back in May and this is now. John Calvert has left us, and can no longer attend to this matter. His bride of many years, Tammy, is alone and in severe financial straits.

Although I long has John's book, I didn't have his DVD which I ordered last week. I had no idea how bad the situation was until today, learned during a telephone visit with Jade Tjin. Jade, tell your mother I'm sorry!
Anyway, Tammy is, to be blunt, just plain broke and cannot afford to finish the appeal of this litigation and address her own heath concerns, even though the Calvert attorney is working pro bono. After visiting with Jade, I did get a phone call from Jack Browne, Tammy and John's attorney, who further confirmed the state of affairs in detail.

How can you help?

You can send a check to Tammy Calvert at 4399 Irvine Avenue, Studio City, California 91604. You can order the Calvert book at http://www.johncalvertmagic.com/ with the DVD as a set, or just the DVD. Or, several DVDs for stocking-stuffers this Christmas.

You can also use PayPal to send your help directly to Tammy, just “Send Money” to EpicProductions@Juno.com via PayPal.
Message: Posted by: drhackenbush (Nov 1, 2013 12:46PM)
In the Jewish tradition, giving or sending $18 or multiples thereof represents the word, "Chai", or "Life", as in "L'Chaim!, To Life!", and fulfills the mitzvah (good deed) of Tzedaka, which means helping others. Whatever your tradition of helping others may be, religious or having absolutely nothing to do with any religion, please consider sending $18 or multiples of 18 to Tammy Calvert, to both help make her life easier, and also honor John's life. He made a huge positive difference in my life, and I'm sure he enhanced many of your lives as well.

Message: Posted by: Nem (Apr 13, 2019 03:06AM)
Anyone know the status of this case. Is it still ongoing?