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Topic: Reading books..
Message: Posted by: Chris Michaels (Dec 20, 2003 09:05PM)
I was curious as to how some of you folks go about your book reading. I know there are some out there who say you should read everything, and gain every bit of knowledge the books has to offer. Then there are those who go through books just to pick out tricks to learn. I'm curious as to which you do.


To answer my own question, up until the point of the post, I was the latter. I flipped through books and picked out the tricks I wanted to learn. Though while I can't say I'm gonna stop doing so.. I'm gonna start reading more of some books.
Message: Posted by: marko (Dec 20, 2003 09:55PM)
I generally begin by reading the author's introduction, then look for the effects that most interest me. Then afterwards, I'll go back and take a closer look at the things that didn't leap out at me the first time.
Message: Posted by: Decker (Dec 21, 2003 07:13PM)
Just remember that subtleties, ideas and psychology are embedded in the other effects that get skipped over.
Message: Posted by: Gerben (Dec 23, 2003 02:28AM)
I usually read a new book from cover to cover first, but only the effects though, not the descriptions.

Then I try to practice every effect, unless it's not possible because I miss certain props.

After I've done that, I practice the effects I really want to learn.

Usually if I get back to a book later I'll discover a whole bunch of other effects that are also worth studying.