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Topic: Card under glass plot
Message: Posted by: failed_drummer (Nov 3, 2013 04:08PM)
I've been playing around Derek Dingle's version of this, but I'm not too sure about the presentaion. It's kind of like 'Oh, how/whe ndid you do that?'. It goes down OK, but I'm sure it deserves more, since it's such an incredible effect. Maybe it's more of an effect for magicians... Any advice or alternative plot ideas from you creative folks?
Message: Posted by: trampabroad (Mar 30, 2014 10:04PM)
I'm sure this has occured to you, but one big thing is making it the climax of a routine, rather than just a trick. Having the card do 4-5 other impossible feats in advance really does charge your specs to the point that they give up trying to think the effects through.