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Topic: Larry Becker's Out of Body
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Dec 25, 2003 09:35AM)
I'm thinking about picking his book up, and I've heard so many great things about this trick, but don't actually know "what" the effect is. Can somebody help me out ? Thanks :-D
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Dec 25, 2003 03:41PM)
Someone looks at a card, remembers it and then seals the deck in its card case, and wraps it with an elastic band to prevent anyone from seeing the cards yet the performer reveals the card under these strict conditions.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Dec 25, 2003 04:50PM)
Get his Stunners Plus book which has that and many, many more of Larry's gems.
Message: Posted by: jlibby (Dec 25, 2003 07:45PM)
It's also on his Mental Masterpieces video. I think it's a very cool effect, and I'm trying to make one up. Unfortunatly, I'm not much with arts and crafts, so its going to be a while before I get it right!


Noel, Joe L.
Message: Posted by: Lord Of The Horses (Dec 25, 2003 07:51PM)
On 2003-12-25 20:45, jlibby wrote:
It's also on his Mental Masterpieces video. :wavey:

Noel, Joe L.

Yes, and with a slightly different presentation it's also found on Desert Brainstorm videos under "A Case Of Simple Logic!"

But do yourself a favor and follow Greg's advice! :smiletear:
Message: Posted by: Jonathan (Dec 25, 2003 11:39PM)
Can't you do that same basic effect with a stacked deck?

Jonathan Grant
Message: Posted by: John LeBlanc (Dec 26, 2003 12:19AM)
On 2003-12-26 00:39, Jonathan wrote:
Can't you do that same basic effect with a stacked deck?

The [i]basic[/i] effect? Sure. And there are many other ways of acheiving that basic effect. But there are some presentation points, from the audience point of view, that expand the basic effect into the "impossible" realm. And that's what makes "Out of Body" a real...what shall I say?... stunner. :)

It's pretty slick. Larry White and Larry Becker are two smart cookies. Nice gentlemen, too.

If I were you, I'd pop for a copy of STUNNERS, PLUS! while there are still copies available. http://www.stunnersplus.com/

John LeBlanc
Houston, TX
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Dec 26, 2003 01:09PM)
IfBecker has thought it up, then you know it's going to be useful and clever, even if you just use the principles to apply to other effetcs.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: unklepaul (Jan 3, 2004 06:10PM)
The effect on the dvd is slightly different than described above...

The spec takes the card and places it in his/her back pocket WITHOUT looking at it. the cards are placed face down into the card box and secured with elastic bands, then the performer divines the card.
It's really, really neat..a definite stunner.
If I could afford it I'd buy Stunners Plus like a shot.

good luck
Message: Posted by: Larry Becker (Jan 3, 2004 11:42PM)
When Larry White sent me the original gaffed box that eventually became Out of Body, he said, "here's a clever use of the mirror principle. But I don't know how to use it." That was the beginning. Two rubber bands later, I had the solution and what followed was one of the most diabolical card effects I've ever performed. I fried more magicians with this effect than you can count. I even took it to another stage with Out of Body II. But, if any of you need the basic effect with the gaffed card box, I sell them for a paltry $25. Larry still makes them for me so if you're interested PM me and I'll give you the whole enchilada for $25. That's Out of Body & Out of Body II. Forgive the commercial but they are very difficult to make up. I know how and I won't even try it. Excuse me I tried it once and never again. But the effect itself is dead easy to perform. You will be hard pressed to find a more effective card effect in magic or mentalism. Happy New Year everyone. Regards - Larry :dancing:
Message: Posted by: aposjf12 (Jan 4, 2004 06:05PM)
I bought Out of Body at Tannens a few years ago and thought it was great. But to see Mr. Becker perform it on his DVD is a real gem. Very, very clever effect and Mr. Becker's presentation should be studied as all the subtleties add up to a fantastic mind bender!
Message: Posted by: unklepaul (Jan 4, 2004 06:13PM)
I agree.
The dvd (mental masterpieces) is amazing. You get to see the entire 40 minute show before seeing the explanations. When I first watched the performance I thought I was out of my depth, but when you know how mischevous the methods are its delightful!

Larry has a great performance style, very classy yet warm and friendly. Thoroughly recommended!
Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Jan 4, 2004 07:11PM)
C'mon Larry, out of body is one thing, but our of your mind?

Message: Posted by: jlibby (Jan 6, 2004 08:48PM)
Larry is right. It takes a little trial and error and patience to make it up yourself. It took me three tries, but I finally made one that I think will work well. Woo-hoo!

whether you make it yourself or buy it, just get it and fry your friends!

See ya!
Joe L. :pepper: