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Topic: Advice on how to get more gigs as a magician - worldwide
Message: Posted by: Martin John (Nov 28, 2013 06:50PM)
Hi everyone,

Having performed over two thousand shows as a professional close-up and comedy cabaret magician over the last 12 years, I have always enjoyed using this forum. I therefore thought it was about time I shared some knowledge that I have gained on how we can all get more gigs, anywhere in the world.

In this modern era, we can all find exactly what we need by simply making a Google search. Many of us have our own websites however the main problem which is often misunderstood is how our websites are listed in Google. If you do not have a website, this information will also greatly assist you, so please read on.

After your website is complete and online, if you type your act name into Google (in my case 'Martin John Magician') it will almost definitely come up on page 1 of the Google search results. This is because your website is likely to contain those particular three keywords more often than any other website out there. Google therefore sees your website as the most 'relevant' search result and so lists it highly on page 1, and as over 90% of all internet users find what they want on page one, if you're on page 2 or lower...you will not often if ever be found.

However unless you are well known, of course no one will type your actual name into Google, they will more likely type your type of entertainment and the location or event type that they are looking for e.g. 'Magician for wedding in California'. Now try typing those actual words 'Magician for Wedding in California' or e.g. 'Magician for party in London' (type wherever you are based) and have a look at the websites that now show up on page 1 of Google's search results. Is your website showing on page 1? If it does, you probably do not need the following advice! For the rest of us that are on page 2/3/4 or page 6 billion!!...this advice will greatly help.

The obvious question is 'How do I get to page 1?'. Well we already know that Google works on relevance i.e. it shows the sites that it feels are most relevant to the keywords entered into the search. Therefore if you want to be highly ranked when someone types 'Magician for a wedding in Las Vegas', you must have those keywords 'Magician, wedding and Las Vegas' somewhere in your website. So write a page all about how you perform magic for weddings in Las Vegas. If you perform for Children's birthday parties in New York, make a new page on your website all about that including those keywords.

Now here comes the second and most important factor that Google uses. Google wants to see how popular your website is and to do this it looks to see how many other 'relevant' websites are linking to your website. As Magicians, if we place an advert or write an article or a blog post with a link to our websites on another website that is about e.g. motorbikes, Google sees this as totally irrelevant. However if we place a link to our websites on another website that is also about magic or entertainment, Google sees this as a 'relevant link' to our websites. It is basically a positive 'vote' and the more positive votes you have to your site, the higher Google will rank you in the Google search. Of course this also applies with other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, however Google is by far the market leader.

So how do you get all of these 'relevant links'? It is as simple as finding other websites that are also about magic or entertainment and advertise, or write yourself a post on relevant sites and most will allow you to add a link back to your website. A prime example is our posts here on magic Café. As magic Café allow us to add our website addresses to the footer of our posts, each post we write acts as a relevant link to our websites. Sounds easy, however 20 links from DIFFERENT websites is far better than 100 from the same site. Therefore use your imagination and add links from other websites about magic and entertainment.

For example, I currently have my own personal website http://www.MartinJohnMagic.com and have ads placed on relevant sites linking back to mine. For example I created two Entertainers Worldwide profiles - http://www.EntertainersWorldwide.com

I have one for my close-up act: http://www.entertainersworldwide.com/martinjohnmagic

and another for my comedy cabaret act: http://www.entertainersworldwide.com/martinjohn

Both profiles have a link back to my http://www.MartinJohnMagic.com website, therefore they both act as 'relevant links' which improves my websites position in the Google search. So go searching on Google for magic directories like Entertainers Worldwide where you can create a profile and add a link back to your website. If you start there, you will soon find other relevant websites to add a link to your site and soon see your website rise the Google rankings. If you have thousands more potential clients viewing your website, you are very likely to get more bookings. It's all about being in the spotlight.

Lastly, I mentioned that this advice was also beneficial for people that do not have a website. If you cannot afford or just have not got around to making a website, the same advice can apply for boosting an Entertainers Worldwide profile in the Google rankings. I say Entertainers Worldwide profiles as they appear to be the only entertainment directory out there that allow you to create a profile of your act and have your own 'www.' address, allow potential clients to contact and book you directly (no commission charge like an agent) and have designed the profiles so they also show up in the Google search, basically just like having your own website. Because of this, you can add links from relevant magic or entertainment websites exactly the same as explained back to your profile. Your profile will then be found higher in the Google rankings. To create a profile just click this link: http://www.entertainersworldwide.com/user/register.php

Well I hope that makes sense and helps a lot of magic Café users out there to get more work! If there is anything about it all that you don't understand feel free to reply to the post and I will do my best to explain anything further.

Thanks everyone and happy holidays!

Martin John

Comedy Close-up & Cabaret Magician