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Topic: Copperfield Appearance
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Dec 27, 2003 07:22PM)
The appearance DC used on his last special, I think "Tornado", where he appears on a large sheet of metal under a large piece of material that is lowered slowly from the rafters. Is this in print anywhere or at least the principal or is this a "Copperfield" exclusive?
Message: Posted by: Clarence (Dec 27, 2003 07:29PM)
The principle is definitely in print. However, the presentation and design isn't. :lol:

You can get more information by purchasing Jim Steinmeyer's "Theatrical illusion" book (2 combined editions.)

The book isn't cheap, but it's still a gem. A lot of people overlook a principle that still fools people.

Hope this helps. :smiles: