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Topic: California bummer
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Dec 10, 2013 08:24PM)
Anyone know af an insurance company that will issue a 1 day policy at a resonable price in California? Every company I go to offeres nice low rates, but as soon as I type in the name of my state, shazam! up through the roof go the rates. California is litigation happy for sure, but man, it is just a smiple family magic show! All constructive advice is welcome.
Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Dec 10, 2013 09:56PM)
You can get general liability service as a magician for $200 for the year.
Try this company

They also offer event insurance, but for what you do I think the general policy will be fine...
Message: Posted by: Devious (Dec 10, 2013 11:01PM)
I'm curious as to the details of your performance.
Where is the event going to be exactly and for whom?
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Dec 11, 2013 02:31PM)
The event is a magic show in a 400 seat auditorium. It is a group of magicians, and a single magic liability policy apparently will not cover a group performance. The auditorium is on a college campus and they want proof of $1,000,000 coverage. The audience will be my typical "all ages" show, so parents and kids. Maybe some college students too, but not sure about that.
Message: Posted by: Devious (Dec 11, 2013 03:16PM)
I can print up a snazzy looking certificate of course?
This is California, the land of make believe right?
Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Dec 11, 2013 04:39PM)
Get an event planner policy and a policy for you $600 ish, you are projected as an organizer, but not the individuals