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Topic: Melt by Genteishiryo DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! Review
Message: Posted by: jconstantine (Dec 20, 2013 06:07PM)
What I can tell is STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!! The method is not new in anyway whatsoever. Same method as with the original linking rings, ninja rings, messado rings. ALL the same. Thay are just linked a little differently. This is pure eye candy but only from directly exactly straight on only! Nobody even a little bit to the left or the right and your caught out. The gaff are garbage and you can see the seams on the gaffed and non gaffed rings. The rings sound tinny when the clang together. There can be absolutely no spectator participation whatsoever other than watching. Save your money on this one folks. The demo is pure hype and even though the video is an unedited continuous shot it is still deceptive because the camera is held at exactly the right height and angle as to not expose the dirty part. Any movement in any direction and your caught. The dvd is pure garbage as well. Shin Lim teaches you with a constant looping music in the background that gets really annoying really fast. Not to mention that the entire instructional dvd is less that 20 friggin minutes! Shin keeps clanging the rings on a glass table every five seconds while he is talking making it very hard to understand him at times. That coupled with the bad background music makes watching this unbearable. This thing stinks from top to bottom. Stay away from this. Save your money and put it towards Messados rings and dvd as well as Shoot Ogawas rings or even Mattew Garret's Ninja Plus. All are much better than this by leaps and bound. They cost more money because you get what you pay for. This is cheap and for good reason it is total and utter garbage. I have been duped. Don't you get duped as well. You have been warned!
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Dec 20, 2013 06:32PM)
Stop beating around the bush and get to the point, do you like it or not?
Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Dec 20, 2013 06:35PM)
Yeah, but how do you REALLY feel? Hehe
Message: Posted by: jconstantine (Dec 20, 2013 06:40PM)
Thanks guys I really needed that laugh after opening and using this disaster!
Message: Posted by: Paul Gross (Dec 29, 2013 01:03PM)

I feel it necessary for me to chime in here. Being a magic dealer we are constantly bombarded with new products all the time. When we were first shown this item via a Skype demonstration I will admit they looked incredible...Unfortunately what we received was a completely different item all together. It was like a bait and switch scam. The rings supplied are no better quality than a cheap set of linking rings that you would receive in a child's magic kit and would fool no one! Nothing and I repeat nothing like what we were originally shown. I feel as duped as many of you about this product. We have removed this item from our website and have offered any of our customers who have purchased this a refund or store credit to select another item if desired..

So in short..DO NOT BUY THIS! Just my two cents...

Hope this was helpful

Best regards
Paul Gross
Hocus Pocus
Message: Posted by: Rizzo (Dec 29, 2013 02:28PM)
Paul, very admirable and appreciate the honesty.
Message: Posted by: Padraig Moyles (Dec 30, 2013 11:27AM)
Ouch.... very honest views from Paul...thanks
Message: Posted by: stempleton (Dec 30, 2013 02:26PM)
We need more dealers like Paul who put standards above profits and remove items in cases like this. HP is my go-to shop.
Message: Posted by: LeSue (Dec 30, 2013 03:35PM)
I have been dealing with Hocus-Pocus for many years not and have found that Paul Gross is as fair and honest as can be expected in this business. To read what he had to say is certainly a credit to him and his dealership.
Message: Posted by: professorwhut (Dec 30, 2013 03:56PM)
On 2013-12-30 15:26, stempleton wrote:
We need more dealers like Paul who put standards above profits and remove items in cases like this. HP is my go-to shop.

Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Dec 30, 2013 04:27PM)
Acar from Penguin has agreed to refund as well - good guys finsih FIRST.
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Dec 30, 2013 05:39PM)
And let's not forget jconstantine who gave an honest appraisal first because until then I had it on my buying list. Appreciated mate
Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Dec 30, 2013 06:15PM)
Jconstantine is a rock star - my kinda Café member who calls 'em as he see 'em.
Message: Posted by: jconstantine (Dec 30, 2013 06:27PM)
Thanks for the kind words my friends. I'm about to review Red by Craig Petty in a day or so with some positives and negatives. I may post this review in the secret sessions area as it may reveal a little too much. We shall see.
Message: Posted by: Maxy (Dec 31, 2013 04:14AM)
I'm agree it is POS and very impractical.
only suitable for one spectator and it should stand in specific spot.
Only it is good for youtube magic's kind.
Message: Posted by: Ray Bertrand (Jan 1, 2014 04:31PM)
Many thanks for bringing this to the attention of everyone and kudos to the magic dealers who make a difference and show integrity.

Message: Posted by: MR Effecto (Jan 6, 2014 08:28AM)
Funny how bad this is and the Café has it on the mane page. There a ad for it.
Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Jan 6, 2014 08:48AM)
On 2014-01-06 09:28, MR Effecto wrote:
Funny how bad this is and the Café has it on the mane page. There a ad for it.

Well the Café does need to take advertising to pay the lighting bills.
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Mar 7, 2014 10:33PM)
Someone needs to tell Fantasma NYC because this was featured on their newsletter today.
Message: Posted by: zimsalabim (Jun 27, 2017 08:50AM)
Once again the Café saves me money thank you!
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Jun 27, 2017 11:22AM)
I was just about to purchase this when I decided to Google it and found this thread. The honesty of (most) café members amazing. Thank you for sharing. And Paul as well thank you.
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Aug 17, 2017 03:20AM)
I spoke with Scott Jenkins a while back, Joe Porper will be releasing his Ghost Rings. My father has a set and does it for me all the time but won't tell me or let me even touch them. What a set of rings! They Melt right through each other, no angles to worry about I've watched him from all directions. No funny moves. the penetration is happens so fast, I'm clueless, I'm guessing a key ring, but they can't all be, can they? Cmon' Joe, I want a set ! What's nice about them also, they don't look like toy rings like Paul said about getting in a child's magic set.

Jake Jr.