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Topic: O I C U 1/2 E S P
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jan 2, 2014 06:01AM)
This is a collection of routines for use with ESP cards, that does NOT include "card tricks" like many other collections of this sort do. Each of the effects is only used for proving that you have Extra Sensory Perception. Better than that, it confirms that your spectators also have ESP when they score "above normal" every time. You'll find it included in The Wizards' Journal #26. Also available with it is a special set of ESP cards so you don't have to make your own (although you can if you prefer). Some of the effects are improvements or updates on routines by Corinda, Annemann, Marlo, and Little Joe White, among others.
Message: Posted by: Ben Blau (Jan 2, 2014 03:20PM)
Didn't Adams write a book called "OICUFESP?"
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jan 2, 2014 06:03PM)
O I C U R -> ! Thanks for the memory! I'll make sure I cite his publication for the title inspiration that must have been floating around in my memory cells when I named the new deck after it...almost. Magicpedia has the info on him here: http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Howard_Adams
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jan 2, 2014 06:06PM)
I remember as a kid, my mum writing this on a notepad I was doodling in...

Message: Posted by: Godzilla (Jan 2, 2014 09:58PM)
Van Halen,released an album..."OU812"