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Topic: An idea that needs a story
Message: Posted by: WR (Dec 30, 2003 03:47PM)
I need a story or patter for this to be bizarre.
I show a paper rose (flash paper) Tell the story... I light it with a large flash and I produce a real rose. This was influenced by Kevin James floating rose minus the floating and I will produce the rose, a smaller one, from a T.T.
Most magically yours,
WR :wow:
Message: Posted by: lyndonwebb (Dec 30, 2003 05:03PM)
I will have a think and get back to you. By the way did you get that pm about your effect?
Message: Posted by: Sir T (Dec 30, 2003 05:27PM)
WR, I like it! Go out and rent the Disney verison of Beauty and the Beast. I think you will be able to adapt your rose rountine into a beauty and the beast story line.

In the story, if the last rose petal falls before the beast finds true love, then he would remain a beast forever (like most men), but then he meets the beauty and his heart is on fire (a nice place to light the rose) and before the last petal falls, the rose is restored, but a paper rose but to a real rose a thing of true beauty.

Pretty basic concept and could be used for table hopping if you wanted. Have the guy play the beast and the woman the beauty. It's worth a look.

Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Dec 30, 2003 05:44PM)
"We are born in fire. Even the most fragile and beautiful things contain the spark of life. Alchemists, for centuries, have sought the Secret of Life. Victor Frankenstein only found a portion of that secret. Perhaps the simple spark is all it takes to transform once living paper back into something close to its original form. And that spark of life is Love."


Rose appears!

Hope this helps!

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Dec 30, 2003 06:20PM)

I, too, will give this some thought.


I love that spark of life idea - maybe, as you suggest, the paper could be turned back into the living wood? E.g. tear a leaf out of a piece of paper - big flash - then it becomes, again, a real leaf growing on a tree.

Off topic, I know, but in Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' does the Beast become handsome at the end, in the same way kissed frogs become princes?

As a bizarrist, I kind of like it the other way round: you know, the princess kisses the frog, and poof! SHE turns green and slimy...


Caleb Strange.
Message: Posted by: WR (Dec 31, 2003 11:31AM)
Kinda like Shrek, Caleb? LOL
WR :wow:
Message: Posted by: Tantrik (Dec 31, 2003 12:22PM)
WR, there are a lot of stories that could be made up, but that doesn't mean they would fit into your routine. Are you just going to do this one effect, then turn everything over to someone else (i.e., an MC)? Are you doing Vernon's Twisting the Aces just before it? How does the effect fit in with what you are doing?

If you are doing a series of "Let's see if you can do this" type of effects, as opposed to recreations of "strange events in your haunted home" effects, an appropriate storyline would have to be different.
Message: Posted by: Alchemists (Dec 31, 2003 07:27PM)
Look up Louis Borges' story - The Rose of Paracelsus...
let me know what your think....
The Alchemist
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Jan 1, 2004 01:27PM)
Can you do a rose origami, it could be a good starting point.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jan 1, 2004 02:23PM)
Good to read a post by someone who has read Borges.

Makes me wonder how many others found the short story online and considered a trick with a white rose.
Message: Posted by: WR (Jan 1, 2004 10:59PM)
On 2003-12-31 20:27, Alchemists wrote:
Look up Louis Borges' story - The Rose of Paracelsus...
let me know what your think....
The Alchemist

Thank you! It was perfect!
WR :wow: