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Topic: New reason to be thankful for the memdeck
Message: Posted by: Lundonia (Jan 4, 2014 08:54PM)
I had a parlor/close up gig last night and sometimes when people come up and talk to me afterwards I stick around and do a few more effects for them and hopefully give them a businesscard.

This time two guys in wheelchairs came to my table as I was packing up. They were in their mid twenties and they each had a personal assistant with them as they both had some kind of CP injury. Very friendly guys and they wanted to see a few more effects. I love to let the spectators handle the deck, shuffle, pick cards - you name it. But with these guys, that wouldn't work. Fortunately I had finished my set with 'A subtle game' - the deck was stacked and ready!
I just launched off and they could just think of cards instead of picking them whenever necessary, also adding to the effects. We all had great fun and they both were very happy.

One of them told me he had always loved magic but never felt so involved before, he had always been a passive spectator. Then he proceeded to almost move me to tears when he said he always wanted to learn a few tricks but never had the possibility because his hands were so rigid, one of them being locked in an inward position. I taught him 'Poker Players Picnic' and told him to look up Wayne Dobson if he was serious about getting into magic. Who knows, maybe he will even be a memdeck worker in the future. :)

Anyways, I was glad I had the memdeck in my arsenal tonight. Just a little feelgood story (I hope).
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Jan 5, 2014 03:20AM)
Feelgood story? Boy, it worked!
Thanks for sharing... :applause:
Message: Posted by: tenchu (Jan 6, 2014 10:00AM)
Awesome story! You're a good man.

Message: Posted by: Atom3339 (Jan 6, 2014 10:54AM)
This is a wonderful story. Thank you.