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Topic: Epeleptic Dove Makes Young Magician Look Like An Idiot
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Dec 30, 2003 07:10PM)
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Ever hear of a dove with epelepsy? Want to? O.k., here goes. The first dove I ever owned was given to me by some "friends." (Mind you , this was many years ago.) Anyway, it was, believe it or not, epeleptic. It would fall over on its side and flop around like it was retarded every once in a while. (Not all the time, mind you.)

SO, Mr. Young Magician, new to the art of magic, and void of common sense, decided that since it only happened once in a while, the odds were in his favor that it would not do it in a show. WRONG!!

The first show I used it in (Can you see this coming?) I placed him in the dove pan, put on the cover and waited for the correct moment, ..uhh, that is, to make an *** of myself. I lit the pan on fire, the flames shot up, I pulled off the lid, and lo and behold, POOF, MAGIC! The dove was magically rolling on his side in circles, like Curly of the Three Stooges fame, inside the pan. I then saw my whole life and career flash before my eyes, like so much flash paper.

But things immediately got better. The dove flopped out of the pan, where he was giving me a private show, and directly onto the stage, where he continued to roll and flop with his tongue hanging out like an idiot for the pleasure of my delighted and, dare I say, astonished audience!

I would like to say this story has a happy ending, but all I can say is that eventually he passed away, and went to birdie heaven, where he is now, I'm sure, flopping and rolling in heavenly bliss to his little bird heart's content.

And, in case your'e wondering, this is a true story, and I did not fabricate it! Anybody want to try and top it?