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Topic: Lecture for Assembly 13/Dallas next week
Message: Posted by: Mowee (Jan 14, 2014 03:48PM)
Our next meeting of the Dallas Magic Clubs (Assembly 13 and Ring 174) will be on Tuesday January 21st at Crosspoint/ Theater 166 in Carrollton. We will start at 6:45pm. Our special guest is Eric Evans. Eric was a member of our clubs in the 80s and it was here in Dallas that Eric met the legendary Jim Cellini. Both were performing in the West End. Eric went on to study with Cellini in Switzerland and later Cellini came to Texas where he and Eric worked on the book The Royal Touch. Eric provided the illustrations for it. Eric has won the TAOM 2000 stage contest for his manipulation act, spent several years working the Magic Castle and has authored several books including the classic with Nowlin Craven The Secret Art of Magic. His latest is 53 Friends Card Tricks for Everywhere which includes previously unpublished effects from Ernest Earick (Eric's first mentor) and from Cellini himself. Eric's special lecture will cover his new book, along with street and stage magic. Something for everyone.

The lecture is free to members or $20 for guests (it is the same amount as our dues so why not join?)

Everyone is welcome. Hope to see y'all there.