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Topic: Magic and Puppets in the Classroom
Message: Posted by: harris (Jan 16, 2014 08:33AM)
Well, I'm back into the middle school drama class, for my quarterly visit.

This time, the 7th graders learned about communication.
The 8th graders discussed bullying.

Reports after the 2nd of 4 visit were positive.

Through magic and puppetry we looked at: Senders, The Message, The Media, Receivers, Feedback, Inside distractions and Outside distractions.

The Acronym I used was Smurfio.

Nigel, helped demonstrate: interuptions, jumping to conclusions, being rude, sarcastic, mind reading, globalizing, finishing other peoples sentences...etc, etc, etc.

8th graders wisely concluded that being relatively anonymous on line, leads to bullying and sense (perhaps not really true of power.

It's a blessing to have two jobs, that I love to do. One being school based counselor, the other as Dr. Laugh. It is priceless, when I can combine the two.

Thanks for helping me be a better person on and off stage.

still too old to know it all..
and prince of the run on sentence
Message: Posted by: Mr. Danny (Jan 16, 2014 09:15PM)
Nigel Needs Help, good thing you are a Counselor! :)