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Topic: Cardshark
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Jan 1, 2004 10:58PM)
Having recently purchased this book, I would like to know what are people's favorite effects from the book Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz is. I find the book very very good, and I like his thinking in this volume and in his Scams and Fantasies book. What are some of the thoughts on this book? I really like the way he teaches many hard to find sleights. I actually thought the book would be a lot better than Scams because of the hype on the Café so I guess I was slightly disappointed in that regard. Otherwise, an excellent book and one worth reading multiple times.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jan 1, 2004 11:37PM)
Study everything... It is worth it.

Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Jan 3, 2004 06:40AM)
All the presentational showpieces are great. I use or have used all of the from time to time. My personal favourite is still Ortiz handling on the gambler vs magician trick "The Showdown". It is absolutely killer and as Ortiz says it is the strongest trick in his repertuar.
Message: Posted by: AndrewG (Feb 6, 2004 03:41AM)
To all who have looked at Cardshark and Scams.. - which do you think is better from the magical effect point of view? (the gambling routines are beyond my technical skill)

Does anyone know ifCardshark will be re-printed, and when?

Message: Posted by: Uli Weigel (Feb 7, 2004 06:19AM)
I don't know which one of Darwin's Card books is better, but I sure know that all of them are among the very best card magic books you can read und study. Period.
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Feb 7, 2004 09:46AM)
I thought cardshark was better.
Message: Posted by: Mel Toyer (Feb 8, 2004 08:17AM)
Personally I think that 'At the card table' is the best of Darwins books. I bought this book after watching Ricky Jay perform the 'Greek Poker' effect on T.V.

If you can commit yourself entirely to practising and studying his effects and methods you will always be one step ahead of the rest.

P.S. Once I bought 'At the card table' I had plans to show the Greek Poker effect to some friends that night, six months later I was still practising his four part riffle stack that was needed to perform the effect. In Darwins own words this move seems impossible to learn, got back to the book which then explains that you will now need to perform a two part riffle stack which Darwin then explains is 100 times MORE impossible to learn.

Practise and study and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are performing sleights and effects that not many people can do.
Message: Posted by: Steve Haynes (Feb 8, 2004 07:06PM)
Anybody know where I can get this book?
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Feb 8, 2004 10:29PM)
I got mine off of ebay, though I think they are very rare even there. best bet will probably to look out for them on http://www.joyalstack.com
Message: Posted by: Craig Krisulevicz (Feb 8, 2004 11:43PM)
Mel Toyer,

All I have to say is nice post.
Message: Posted by: Ron Giesecke (Feb 9, 2004 06:29PM)
Hitchcock Aces. This has been for me the strongest ace assembly bar none, without having to ring in duplicates or head into gaff waters.
Message: Posted by: Iain Moran (Feb 11, 2004 03:31AM)
Can't possibly choose just one. My choices are:

The Psychotronic Card
Harry In Your Pocket
The Marker