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Topic: International Tour
Message: Posted by: Suffolk (Jan 23, 2014 07:54AM)
Hi guys.

There doesn't seem to be a "shows" section so I'm guessing this is the most appropriate forum.

As some of you may know I was signed fairly recently by Eddie Izzard & Ross Noble's people ( [url]http://www.mickperrin.com [/url]) and am about to embark on my first proper grown-up-big-boy tour with them.

It takes in Switzerland and the UK, culminating in a short run in the main house of The Leicester Square Theatre London. There are tentative discussions taking place about bringing the show to the USA but that's a way off yet.

The show I'm touring is called I Can Make You A Mentalist and is genuinely something different. It's a comedy mentalism show which include animation and and sketch comedy. Crucially, the central conceit of the show is that at the beginning a (genuinely) random audience member is chosen and they perform all the mind tricks in the show,

You can see a trailer here: [url]http://dougsegal.co.uk/video/trailer-doug-segal-i-can-make-you-a-mentalist-tour-2014-2/[/url] and read more about me and the tour here: [url]http://dougsegal.co.uk/[/url]

I hope to see some of you during the tour.