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Topic: Wireless Music Control
Message: Posted by: dabofmagic (Jan 26, 2014 11:42PM)
Hey everyone!

New to the forum, and looking for a specific bit of advice. I already looked through the previous posts and didn't see anything about this, but I have recently seen 2 performers that control their music with a wireless controller worn on their knees. By touching them together, you "push play" and touch them again to "press pause". I will be doing shows in smaller settings with my own sound system, and I am looking to purchase such said device. Anyone happen to know what it's called?
Message: Posted by: AllanK (Jan 27, 2014 03:44AM)
This sounds like the Ultimate Control by Brian Happie, details of which can be found by clicking the banner directly above the Stage, Platform and Parlour section on the Cafť. I have this but just use the regular remote control in my pocket. Brian also makes a remote that is activated by a toe switch and one that is activated by an ankle switch (a magnetic reed switch is activated when the ankles are brought together). It is probably the latter that you have seen in action. The switch doesn't have to be placed on the ankles - the knees would work too! If you go to the Happie Amp site, there are videos detailing all of these devices. The Ultimate Control is really a fuss-free one-person solution to using music and sound effects in your show.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Feb 1, 2014 03:23AM)
I have the Ultimate Remote myself. It received great reviews.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Feb 1, 2014 08:10AM)
I use the Ultimate Control in every show I do. Very highly recommended.

Message: Posted by: garydunn (Feb 5, 2014 07:36PM)
I highly recommend Show Cues app, paired with a iJet remote.The magnetic ankle version is currently in Beta testing - but is amazing!!
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Feb 6, 2014 11:25PM)
Thanks Gary! And just to correct TDS post.

I did not appreciate the TDS comment "The ankle switch has been in development for many months and there is some doubt about it ever being available."
How can you make that comment not knowing anything about our development process?
The magnetic switch is available.

The ijet remote does not have "significant limitations". It is used by thousands, including many top name pros, without a problem. That said we are constantly looking to improve hardware and software and we are in talks to create an even better remote. Show Cues offers more control and options than any competitor and the next App update is currently in beta testing.

Read reviews here:

Message: Posted by: Matthew W (Feb 7, 2014 12:29AM)
I use an iJet, and have for several years. It is the simplest, most affordable way to control your shows sound. The cost is about $30 and you won't find anything better. So far the only limitation I found was forgetting to take the loop off my pants and accidentally washed it, rendering the remote useless. I got a replacement. Still cost less than any other device.

If distance is an issue, any inexpensive wireless headset mic will solve that problem. Just plug the ipod into the the transmitter. However, I feel I would never need that. If I needed to reach a sound booth I would have someone controlling it, otherwise my mixer for my PA is right behind my backdrop.

I could never justify spending more than $100 for audio controls.
Message: Posted by: garydunn (Feb 7, 2014 06:13PM)
Hey TDS, unless that's a small child's hand in your avatar - the remote is HUGE!!
Message: Posted by: Spinnato (Feb 8, 2014 11:31AM)
Let me first preference this post by saying I am in no way affiliated with TDS/Cue Command. I do not work for them nor do I know them. I'm just a full time performer who does 150-175 shows, consistently for the past 27 years, and depend heavily on music in my stage hypnosis and comedy magic shows. I've owned Virtual Soundman, MP3Tech, Show Cues and now Cue Command. VSM worked good but issues with iPods and remotes lead me to the MP3Tech. That product worked great but the digital read out was too small forcing me to Show Cues. The Show Cues app is wonderful and Carl Andrews is nothing but extremely supportive, however, I had HUGE HUGE issues with the iJet remotes and I own 4 of them. That issue then led me to Cue Command. I can honestly say that the Cue Command device is without question the most reliable wireless music control device that I've owned. Period. Since purchasing it several months ago I've performed at colleges, high schools, at corporate events and at Foxwood's Casino where my performance is featured twice a month, so, obviously I need not to be worried about my music. Cue Command offers that peace of mind. When I press play...the music plays. When I press forward...the track advances. When I'm 50, 75 or even 100 feet away...THE DEVICE WORKS! For me it was the best investment I could have made. So, there you have it. My opinion. Again, I am in no way affiliated with this company but am more than glad to give it my total, complete, 100% endorsement. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. james.spinnato@snet.net
Message: Posted by: fsharp (Mar 29, 2015 09:58AM)
Just noticed this topic... and actually I have purchased Cue Command. The device "does exactly what it says on the tin". However, I recently met a football freestyle performer and he simply uses a system consisting of an ipod connected to his sennheiser MIC transmitter. The ipod has a case with a clip so it hooks to his belt. From this, he uses an app that creates big buttons on the ipod for each track. So he just hits the button he needs when he wants a specific music or sound effect. For shows where he doesn't need a huge range (like street shows) he uses a pebble watch to control his music remotely. Interesting....

This guy is a very busy performers and tours across the world using these very simple systems. I wish I knew about this system before buying Cue command!
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Mar 29, 2015 12:50PM)
Ultimate Control gets my vote, too. I live the features and it has never let me down. Here's a link:

Message: Posted by: fsharp (May 20, 2015 02:32PM)
Ultimate Control looks good, I much prefer the remote provided with this system than the one from Cue Command.
Message: Posted by: Avocat (Jun 7, 2015 02:51AM)
I'm late to the game, but I thought I'd add a couple of tips.

First, with the iJet, I perform with a handmike so I've had great success using "Funtack" mounting putty to stick the iJet remote onto the microphone. No need to worry about sending it through the wash anymore

Second, it's now possible with AirPlay to forgo remotes altogether, if you don't mind manually working your phone or iPod. An AirPort express or similar Wi-Fi AirPlay-enabled base station can be hooked directly into the sound system. Your own iPhone or iPod can then be placed anywhere in your line of sight and control. The downside is people will see you working it, but the upside is you'll always see what's playing, and can easily navigate if you overshoot by accident.

The second solution, I must confess, I've never used during a show. I've used it to provide background music at ballroom functions while acting as emcee, and it's worked great.
Message: Posted by: ROLANDZJ (May 26, 2016 10:39AM)
I do street shows as well as stage shows. My vote is for Ultimate Control. It is simple and reliable. Because the remote control has different shapes bumps I keep the remote control in my pocket and control it by touch. It is discreet and... magic
Message: Posted by: misterillusion (Jun 14, 2021 08:29AM)
Has anyone any recommendations for playing my music over my Happie Amp system? I have used the Ultimate Control (Mp3 Player w/RF Remote) for years, but am having some difficulties with it and need to replace it.
Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (Jun 14, 2021 12:43PM)
The Audio Ape remote system seem like the top unit working today. It is more robust and flexible then anything Iíve seen so far.

Message: Posted by: misterillusion (Jun 14, 2021 02:15PM)
[quote]On Jun 14, 2021, Ray Pierce wrote:
The Audio Ape remote system seem like the top unit working today. It is more robust and flexible then anything Iíve seen so far.

https://audioaperemote.com/ [/quote]

Thanks for your comment. I will check that out.
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Jun 14, 2021 07:34PM)
[quote]On Jun 14, 2021, Ray Pierce wrote:
The Audio Ape remote system seem like the top unit working today. It is more robust and flexible then anything Iíve seen so far.

https://audioaperemote.com/ [/quote]

Agreed. I use it as well - I highly reccomend it.
Message: Posted by: misterillusion (Jun 18, 2021 08:54AM)
[quote]On Jun 14, 2021, thomasR wrote:
[quote]On Jun 14, 2021, Ray Pierce wrote:
The Audio Ape remote system seem like the top unit working today. It is more robust and flexible then anything Iíve seen so far.

https://audioaperemote.com/ [/quote]

Agreed. I use it as well - I highly reccomend it. [/quote]
Looks good to me. Thanks for your suggestion. I like what I see.
Message: Posted by: John Long (Sep 26, 2021 03:07PM)
I bought a Hapie Amp SH-120D 10-15 years ago, but forgot to keep it charged, and now it it dead.
Does any one know a contact for this product, is the battery replaceable, or..?

Thanks John