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Topic: Now I need it ... Karl Fulves mailing address
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 1, 2014 09:29PM)
I have some very urgent questions for Karl. I've seen his mailing address here before but I can't find it. Anyone? I'm buying the beer. :cheers:
Message: Posted by: Simon (Ted) Edwards (Feb 2, 2014 06:28PM)
I will happily pass Karl your details. Please reply to my PM.
Message: Posted by: Maddened (Apr 12, 2014 04:35AM)
Sorry to hijack the thread, but didn't want to start another thread unnecessarily. So same here, would like to get Karl Fulves' address.

Does anyone know if he will reply to international mail? I'll include a SASE of course. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Simon (Ted) Edwards (Apr 12, 2014 06:12AM)
He might reply. Depends on the message you send, I suppose : )
Message: Posted by: Maddened (Apr 12, 2014 09:22PM)
Thanks for the reply Simon. Would you know where I can get his address too? Cheers!
Message: Posted by: Paul Draper (Aug 25, 2017 01:16AM)
Simon (Ted) Do you still have a friendship with Karl? Will you PM me and I'll end you some info.