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Topic: Silly Billy
Message: Posted by: magicman222 (Jan 4, 2004 02:11PM)
What magazine does he have a column in? thanks
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Jan 4, 2004 03:30PM)

It's MAGIC magazine.

Message: Posted by: Mushu (Jan 4, 2004 11:12PM)
Here's a sampling of some of his articles. Take the time to go through each one. There's a wealth of information in there:

Message: Posted by: Snidini (Jan 6, 2004 12:17AM)
Thanks Mushu for posting this URL. As a subscriber to Magic, it's still nice to have this bookmarked to go back to occassionally. And you are right, there is a wealth of information there.

Message: Posted by: twistedace (Jan 8, 2004 03:03PM)
I saw his lecture before I was thinking about putting together a solid kids show. I didn't buy his lecture notes and I've been kicking myself ever since. He's wonderful.
Message: Posted by: Margarette (Jan 8, 2004 10:25PM)
I've got all of his lecture notes, and although I'm a bit partial, I must admit that they are great.

Message: Posted by: spatrick (Jan 11, 2004 10:52PM)
David is one of the best childrens entertainers ever. He works in New York City where you get some of the worst kids, if you know what I mean, and he handles them incredibly well.

S. Patrick
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jan 12, 2004 01:53PM)
You certainly can learn a lot from him as well as others like Ginn and Smith. read their stuff, watch the videos and learn. Just make sure not to copy their stuff without poutting any of your own style and character into it.

Every trick and routine you perform should fit your own personality and performance style. make it your own.

Message: Posted by: Margarette (Jan 12, 2004 08:51PM)
I was fortunate a few years ago to go to New York City for two and a half weeks to do magic. I did quite a few kids shows while I was there, and I can verify that NY kids are quite a bit different from Arkansas kids. I played heavily on the fact that I was "in from out of town." David, being the guy that he is, gave me lots of helpful pointers. So, I can tell you first hand that any advice he gives....take it!!