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Topic: Using ICurveball
Message: Posted by: SolidSnake (Feb 16, 2014 09:41AM)
This is for those that own ICurveball by Oz Pearlman.

As you know, it is a method of having a spectator select a contact and then revealing that information.

I do not know if the following has already been thought up - if it has then I apologise. I am also aware that Swipeit by Prager achieves the following, however I do not own this manuscript and cannot comment of the similarities.

That being said: here are some thoughts on expanding ICurveball.

1) Get the spec to open up their photo gallery and display pictures one by one - then use the same method to discern a photo.

2) Open twitter feed or facebook news feed. Again, use the method to discern which news feed they have chosen.

3) Could also be used for messenger - either to discern which contact text them or by opening a series of messages from one contact and revealing the content of one of the messages.

I have also noticed that with Modern Android phones, you can perform ICurveball. I have tried it with HTC One and Galaxy s4. I had no problems with the HTC but a little issue of sound with the S4 - but I believe it is possible to overcome some of these issues.

The biggest issue I have had when performing this is 'getting caught'. Either specs noticing something or light problems. I am finding it a bit difficult to get around the light issue but think the moment of the 'secret move' also has issues - anyone want to discuss?

I hope this has been food for thought!