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Topic: Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Busking Table
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Mar 6, 2014 02:13AM)
The Magic Nook just published my "Do-It-Yourself" Busking Table plans and instructions in The Wizards' Journal #26. My busking table criteria:

General Requirements:
G 1 - The table must be sturdy, but portable enough to lug all over a city without getting a hernia.

G 2- The table must be easy to set up and easy to break down when the cops tell you to move along and stop blocking traffic.

G 3 - The table must be capable of holding a busking bag beneath it in such a way that spectators canít reach inside to help themselves to your precious props or any cash you may have stashed therein.

G 4 - The tabletop must be capable of holding all sorts of things that the wind is just dying to blow down the street and into the gutter.

My Personal Requirements:
P 1 - MY table must be fitted with traps leading to secret wells that are invisible and undetectable by the nosiest five-year-old brat in the crowd.

P 2 - MY table must be exactly the right height for ME, and not some giant or dwarf craftsman who built it with his own dimensions in mind.

P 3 - MY table must have a fabric top that serves as a performing pad, but which can be removed and washed or replaced easily and inexpensively by a cheap so-and-so like me.

Most of all, my table must cost well under $100, not just because I'm cheap, but because I'm church-mouse-poor as well.