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Topic: Books?
Message: Posted by: FedericoFitzko (Mar 7, 2014 04:50AM)
I'm looking for a book (well, more than one :D ) about illusions which resumes a bit all the techniques (I'm not talking of routines, I'm talking of the methods used i.e. deceptive base, wedge base, etc...). I'm passing throuhg a research phase and a book like that will be very helpfull. Can someone tell me if there is such a book and if it's purchasable online? I have to order online because where I live it's almost impossible to find books like that. Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Mar 7, 2014 06:23AM)
The book I would suggest is "The Seven Basic Secrets of Illusion Design" by Eric Van Duzer.

It is strictly a collection of methods, it discusses over 90 stage illusions and their methods. It is not a design book, or a book with plans, the drawings are all about the 1-2" size. It is 180 pages spiral bound.

But it is very good.

Paul Osborne used to carry it, but I just checked and did not see it on his site at the moment.

Hope this helps out.

Message: Posted by: pkessler (Mar 7, 2014 09:15AM)

I'm similarly situated to you in that I am experiencing a steep growth curve. I second Blair's recommendation. The Eric Van Duzer book is fantastic. It is also available on Amazon's website in kindle format for about $10.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Mar 7, 2014 11:11AM)
That is an amazing price for the info in it!

Message: Posted by: FedericoFitzko (Mar 7, 2014 11:38AM)
Thanks I'm definitely going for this one in kindle version! (Kindle is a loooong way better for me because it would take ages and a lot of money :bg: for a delivery from the US)
Other suggestions? :)
Message: Posted by: FedericoFitzko (Mar 7, 2014 11:48AM)
Pkessler can yiu tell me (maybe via pm) the link because the only one I can found at that price is "The Magician's Secrets of Illusion Design" by Eric Van Duzer...is this the same book?
Message: Posted by: MRSharpe (Mar 7, 2014 12:26PM)
I believe that's the one Federico. There are a lot of others. Paul Osborne's books are great and have specific designs. You'll also need to learn woodworking/cabinetmaking, metal working, and plastic working. Also how to work with fabrics and all the other components of building an illusion show if this is your plan.
Message: Posted by: FedericoFitzko (Mar 7, 2014 12:33PM)
Ok I'll buy it in a minute...I always work with wood and metal and if you go in the workshop session you'll find a couple of my posts where I posted some pics of my where does the duck go illusion...whith this book (and others) I'm only in search of "something else" like effects that I don't know or different methods because my knowledge is mostly based on online stuff....