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Topic: My Closing Routine
Message: Posted by: KendallScot (Mar 15, 2014 09:13PM)
I posted this on another thread about closing routines:


I also wanted to get some feedback and opinions, both good and bad I'm certain...

This is an older video of my closing routine. It's the only video I have of it that looks good so it will do until I get a better video.


If the link does not work, search for "Busking Pearl Street Mall"

This is by far NOT my best performance which is why I had not posted it before. My act is a lot better now and I have a great antique case I work out of and I really improved my wardrobe since this was filmed. Two interesting issues I dealt with... The kid in black shorts standing there with his arms crossed had seen my show earlier and was bound and determined to "figure out how it's all done" He was also determined not to laugh but I crack him up a lot! Also the lady standing right behind me on the cell phone was very distracting. I love that part of Busking! Always keeping me on my toes! I also borked up my hat line pretty bad... I forgot half of it and put it in way too early. Live and learn...
Message: Posted by: Iron Butterfly (Mar 16, 2014 09:10AM)
I like it. I did not read your post fully before I clicked your link. Yup that lady on the cell phone was certainly a distraction. reminds me of when I do parties and parents stand right next to me as if I am not there and there's no show. Haha I was also wondering why you did not call on the kid with his arms crossed...I now know why.

Thanks for sharing your closer.
Message: Posted by: Ray Bertrand (Mar 16, 2014 03:33PM)
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Message: Posted by: troppobob (Mar 16, 2014 10:25PM)
G'day Kendall

I looks like you are enjoying your magical journey - yes that is a closer (the video you shared above)- entertaining and I reckon that there is value in the noise that accompanies the ending - I would be interested to see how it has developed and how you present it differently now.

Bob Latta (aka Troppo Bob)
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Mar 16, 2014 11:50PM)
Overall, a good use of the principle from Scot's "Discovery Of Witchcraft"!

You need to work on your lines a bit. You said a number of times: "What I'm going to do is, I'm going to....." ELIMINATE the; "What I'm going to do"!!!

You would have gotten a little more applause, if you had grabbed the props, STYLED and given them time to applaud. Instead you moved to the table and killed the props. That moving also kills applause!

It wouldn't hurt to slow down your delivery of lines.

You handled the kid helpers well, and except for moving while the tip was applauding, you handled the props well.
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Mar 17, 2014 02:49AM)
I like the effect. few things botherd me.
lady on the phone: why did you not say something to her. make a joke take the phone. she is rude. or shoult to her that the dangerous trick is going to happen and that she should say that to the one on the fone. I would make comedy out of this.

why is you table standing in front of you when doing your finale? you try to make a big finale. the table should be behind you. why? the table is centre stage. the important place. you are standing behind, the most UN important place. it also disstracts and makes you weaker. so step in front of the table or put it behind you.

i know this is an older video but this is what I saw. you are stepping to sides all the time. where you nervous? was this the first time? if you this learn to stand still. standing still still is a sign of confidence. you now look nervous.

if possible I would dress up the trick a bit with a few silks. this makes it look that more is going on.

FEW Ideas: the dressing up the child takes time and looks like chidlrens programm. I would say to the audience AND NOW THE WORLD FAMOUS AND DANGEROUS PIRATE ESCAPE! get 2 plastic swords out give to 2 children. and say GO ON FIGHT! people are interested in people so they want to see what happens.

MONEY LINES: your lines are ok BUT at the wrong moment. take the ropes and the tube and put it in the container. when you put the table to the back (see above) you have all the ingredients for the finale centre stage. now dou your routine BUT THE MOMENT BEFORE YOU ESCAPE (THE EXCITING MOMENT)YOU MENTION THE CONTAINER. if it goes wrong your hands will fall off and fall in the container. if it goes right the audience will fill the container with some money for your rent. THIS IS THE MOMENT! then build up and do your finale.

i like this as a finale. keep going on.
Message: Posted by: KendallScot (Mar 17, 2014 07:59AM)
Thank you very much for the input!

Dick, I had no idea it went back that far! I only remember it as the "Shanghai Shackle" from back in the 70's when I bought it.

My lines are my Arch-Nemesis... I had been working on all my scripts for months. Unfortunately, I have a weird memory problem as a result (my doctor tells me)of extended anesthesia when I had open-heart surgery in 2004. I remember everything but my on-the-spot recall is horrible. And YES I hate the line "What I'm going to do is" I actually have no memory of ever saying it at the end, that's why I try very hard to script it. This is part of the memory issue I think.

Interesting idea about "styling" I assume you mean to stop and bow to conclude? I put them on the table at the end with the opinion that people can come up and examine them, thus draw them in to the tip bucket area. After your suggestion, I see that may not be working.

Robert, Excellent advice and some things I did not realized that you pointed out.

Lady on the phone: On two earlier routines I tried to joke with her and move her aside. She completely ignored me. I did not want for things to get awkward so I decided to ignore her. After the show, she did apologize to me and said that she was standing there to catch me doing "something". I did explain to her it was rude. On the plus side she told me she had seen dozens of Magicians on the mall and I was the only one who fooled her. Minor victory...

Good catch on table placement and I've already made it part of the finale to move it to the back of the stage at the start of the finale when I'm on that pitch. Most of the other pitches on the mall have it at the back from the start.

My hat line - Also great advice! In this video I completely hosed it up. (Also part of the memory/recall issue I'm working on) Normally I would do the hat line right before being put into the device. Not sure why I did it wrong at the time. It's also more humble and "elegant" now.

I'm not sure what you mean by dressing it up with silks. What would you suggest? I'm always open to new ideas!

Great comments guys, I really appreciate it!
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Mar 17, 2014 10:00AM)
Kendall after you have made the knot tie a silk on both sides. if you have longer rope tie 2 silks. if you escape the silks stay on the rope. try it. it is just an idea.

kendall you don't want people to come up and examen the props. you want them to pay. all your concern should be with the people who come and want to pay. if possible keep props in hand, ropes around neck. the show is over. BOw and let them come. don't walk to table you will kill the flow. it's pay time.

try this: whenyou are in the 'shackels' bring the rope around your waist - then tie the knot. this way you free yourself and have a body penetration. advantage is that when they pull you step forward and they stand with the rope. giving a good sign the trick is over. try this and see the effect it get.
Message: Posted by: KendallScot (Mar 17, 2014 12:53PM)
Oooooh! I like the through-the-body idea! I will work on that! Also great advice on prop handling, thank you very much!
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Mar 18, 2014 06:12AM)
Yes! Bob is a full time, successfull busker in Europe. He has given you a number of very good, practical "tips". Use them! I should have "caught" the bad blocking with the table (It was after midnight when I made my comment, and I wasn't "functioning" 100%).

His idea of "flashing" the routine with silks really adds interest and eye appeal. I would use at least 24" silks. (Note: it's not necessary to use SILK. POLYESTERE scarves--I prefer solid colors, not scarves with designs--can be found in thrift shops, cheap). Have the boys tie them on with a single knot, AROUND the TWO ropes AFTER they've tied the single knot with the rope.

You will need to use longer ropes--especially if, as Bob says, you tie them around your waist. I fully agree with Bob on that.

I would differ with Bob just a teeny bit, regarding BOWING. (We are old friends--I don't think he will be mad at me!) There is a difference between BOWING and STYLING. Go see a circus! Watch how the performers, signal the end of a trick, and CUE the audience to applaud. They STYLE!

There's nothing WRONG with a BOW. But, very few magicians know HOW to bow!!! Far too many bend at the waist, and their face ends up "facing" the floor!!! If you want to BOW, bend at the waist and just as your head "reaches" a horizontal position, LOOK UP! LOOK AT THE AUDIENCE!. (EYE CONTACT!(

Back to the circus! When a performer finishes a trick, he/she stops, takes a step forward, and throws his/her arms up and out away from the body. --And HOLDS the STYLE while the audience responds. --that's a BIG STYLE. When working for a smaller audience, I keep my upper arms close to my body, and, holding my forearms pointing towards the audience, with palms down, I quickly (with a "snap") turn palms up. --and hold this "small style" while audience responds. In either case DON'T MOVE. --If you move, they'll stop applauding.

SHOW BUSINESS is spelled $how Bu$ine$$! Go back and read Bob's note about your tip bucket@
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Mar 18, 2014 07:49AM)
Dick, we are on the same page but different words. I like your wording better.

Kendall, all what Dick and I suggest is to make the finale bigger, with the same props. no extra work here for you but for the audience a bigger finale. that is the goal of a closing finale trick. give them the impression they saw a big finale. all you need is ropes silks tube. HAVE FUN
Message: Posted by: KendallScot (Mar 18, 2014 09:47AM)
Misters Oslund and Blake, thank you VERY much! I bow to your superior knowledge and experience. No wait, I STYLE to it!


Seriously, you've given me some of the best advice I've ever had here on the Café. I am reworking my act as we speak (as we type?) to incorporate your suggestions and working on the escape routine script and handling.

I am in your debt.
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Mar 18, 2014 10:55AM)
Kendall that you will try the suggestions is good enough for me. in the end you have to do it. al we can do is give you a lead from then on you are own your own. have fun and keep posting your efforts.