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Topic: New Audience member levitation in the round
Message: Posted by: TaylorReed (Mar 21, 2014 06:52PM)
I have a new invention that I have been working on for over 6 months..

It is an audience member that floats up and down on a board in the round..

you can have audience members come on stage and hold hands all the way around her and not one person can figure it out.

It is a great illusion to do in the round in doors or outdoors.. You can do it in the middle of a basket ball court with people on ever side.

The idea is to tell the audience that this next illusion is the oldest illusion in the history of magic..
The levitation.. In fact when most people think of a magician, they think of this.. You show on the video screens..
photos of famous magicians doing a levitation..

You go on to say, that since the beginning of time, people have been trying to figure out how this illusion works..
In fact, some people think some how some way.. There are invisible wires from over head somehow..

Some people even go so far as to say some how some way, there is a fork lift coming in from back stage..

Well tonight, we are going to take this illusion further than it has gone before..

I need to borrow a lady and a few gentlemen from the audience..

You have a lady come up on stage.. The illusion is a four legged table with a thin table top and on top of it is a wooden board.

The magician asks the girl to lay on the board..

Then he tell the gentlemen that are up on stage to help out..

You see that behind the table.. We have an aluminum frame box.. I'll ask that you two gentlemen lift up the box up over and down..
they place the empty frame aluminum box around the girl..

the frame is appox 7 foot wide x 3 foot tall x 2 feet deep

now the magician ask the guys to look on the stage floor up stage.. and they will see that we have a sheet op plexi
or it could be diamond plate aluminum or it could be plywood..

for now .. we will call it pleiglass.

gentleman, please lift up the plexi and place on top of the frame..

now we have some shrink wrap from Home depot.. a 20" wide roll of green shrink wrap with orange handles..

you ask the men to wrap the box around and around and around..

then the magician pulls out a razor knife and cuts the shrink wrap..

give these gentlemen a big round of applause for helping out..

Lets review what has taken place here... We placed a solid top on this box to prove no way any invisible wires could enter this box.
We have shrink wrapped the box,, so nothing can enter or leave this box with out tearing it..

Now if you choose to.. You can get 15 or so people to come on stage and hold hands..

all the way around the box....

Now everybody watch this.. The magician waves his hands and the music starts up..
the girl will now start to float up and down in the box..

this illusion has so many options.
you can wrap it in Plexi. Shrink wrap ... Scrim.... Expanded metal and the list goes on

I like the Shrink Wrap version the best...


you can ask the aud members to have a seat..

Once they have a seat.. You have the option to cut the shrink wrap off..

The girl is now floating up and down with no shrink wrap..

you can always see around the board.. the is nothing but day light there..

this is an illusion that is going to be a reputation maker for magicians

a real audience member assistant is used.. NO stooge..

i'm very very very proud of this new illusion and wanted to share it with you all

we just went into production on this one..

This illusion has started and changed the method 4 times..
most illusions that I invent end up with only two methods... this one has been a challenge...

It is going to look like real magic.

I have sent photos of my model to many of the top pros in the business and ever my prints with a few trusted few..
I just hope that No one will try to copy this beautiful piece of art..
it is sooooooooo complicated.. That it would be tuff to do anyhow..

i look forward to sharing finished photos and videos of it in the near future..

Taylor Reed
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Mar 21, 2014 08:29PM)
Video please
Message: Posted by: TaylorReed (Mar 21, 2014 08:44PM)
That will be once it is finished..

I forgot to mention that we have two of these in production right now.. One for a customer and one for me.
I will keep you all posted as this thing gets up up up!!!!!


For friends of mine on my facebook page.. I have a photo of the model.

Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Mar 22, 2014 11:08AM)
Sounds fantastic, Taylor!
Message: Posted by: john wills (Mar 22, 2014 11:17AM)
Almost can't wait......please...
Message: Posted by: TaylorReed (Mar 22, 2014 11:51PM)
Thanks guys..

Message: Posted by: serg (Mar 24, 2014 06:10PM)
Wait on photos or video links,Taylor! Hope this interesting :-)
Message: Posted by: John (Mar 31, 2014 08:41AM)

I have read this through several times and don't quite get the picture. I'm used to dimensions being given as "long, wide, and deep" not "wide, tall and deep". The girl is "in the box" - so does that mean the way to "view" her is from the top - through the plexiglass? And does that mean the participants surrounding her on stage "look down" at her through the plexiglass top to see the levitation?

I'm sorry, but the stage picture seems clear to everyone else in this post - but I am interested, but can't see it. Looking forward to photos and/or video.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Apr 8, 2014 02:01PM)

I believe the "box" is just an aluminum frame with open an top, bottom and sides. The top is covered with plexiglass to prove no wires are being used. The sides are then covered with green shrink wrap, although I'm sure clear shrink wrap or plixiglass could be used if the green seems too opaque. Taylor said you can remove the shrink wrap and the girl still floats up and down, so I am assuming that no cover is needed on the sides.

Taylor, I can't wait to see this illusion! Good luck!
Message: Posted by: jcmagicman (Apr 9, 2014 10:59PM)
Lets get a video up and running soon.
Message: Posted by: TaylorReed (Apr 10, 2014 01:35PM)
Thanks to all..

every time I try to up load a photo... iT does not work

IF someone knows how to upload photos on here..


The girl floats up and and down in the box and you can see it from ever side or top..

as if, floating in a cabinet..

Like floating a girl in an over sized crystal casket.

Thanks to all..
this is going to be a killer effect..

PS.. We are building two of them right now.

Message: Posted by: sly2272 (Apr 11, 2014 06:41AM)
Message: Posted by: T. Durden (Apr 15, 2014 12:25PM)
Taylor -

This sounds like a really cool idea. Looking forward to creeping on your videos & photos when they're posted.

I, too, often have troubles uploading photos here (typically because I forget to abide by the 300x500 pixels / 75 KB size restrictions). BTW, that size should really be increased. 300x500 is a pretty small image.

As an alternate route, you could always upload to Imgur (free/no account) and post the link(s) here.
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Apr 21, 2014 03:46PM)
Hey Taylor,

Let me know if you put this in your show. We'll come to Branson and check it out.

Message: Posted by: jcmagicman (May 23, 2016 06:17PM)
Was there ever a video uploaded?
Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (May 24, 2016 03:33PM)
Yes, I was very interested in seeing how this looked as well!
Message: Posted by: TaylorReed (May 25, 2016 10:17PM)
Hello guys.
thanks for the interest in seeing the finished product. I've got good news and bad news.
The bad news is, the builder that I teamed up with on this project was a true genius and him and I worked on this for over a year and then had to stop the project due to his serious amount of cancer treatments and his health. Then after around 6 months of sitting on a no go with illusion.
My friend died.

Very sad.

The good news is that I have sent this to a new company to finish what we started. I normally build two at one time the first time.
This illusion is costing way more on R and D than I could have ever imagined.

I feel that this will be a reality sooner than later.. I'm thinking within the next 8 months.

My builders that are on the project now are very very very high in cost, but can do anything. They are also so very busy with other projects that I have to have them mess with my stuff when they have time to spare.

I will keep you guys in the loop.

I had the one around 70Percent done when he died.

The other one is only around 50 percent done..

Thanks again for the interest in this illusion.

It's a test conditions type of illusion.

Thanks friends.