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Topic: Sound system
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Mar 27, 2014 08:59PM)
Hey guys,

I know NOTHING about sound systems. I've never even worked with a mic, but I feel like I'm going to need a sound system soon. I'm hoping that I can find something protable, relatively cheap, but with decent enough sound to play for say 300 people (-ish, that's just a random nuber I'm thinking of). Obviously I want to be able to play music and use a wireless mic.

Any suggestions?
What do you think of this + a wireless mic and music from my phone?

I truly appreciate any help and/or suggestions on this.
Thanks :-)
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Mar 27, 2014 09:20PM)
This currently going thread may be of help to you as it's been helpful to many there

You get what you pay for with sound. It you're cheap, you will get cheap sound. I address the system you mention in this thread. I would never recommend it for a 300 person stage hypnosis show with music/production, That not what it's meant for. Read on.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Mar 28, 2014 02:40AM)
Wow, that was an eye-opening, and intimidating, thread. Thank you, I have a LOT to think about
...although, since I don't have $1,000+, maybe not as much as I could; mostly where to rent good sound stuff I suppose.
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Mar 28, 2014 04:05AM)
Mindpro is right; that system will not do 300. It is grand for small venues, but 300 is way beyond its capacity. Renting is the road I would go down, unless you are so busy that you will get value out of an investment in a good sound system.

Your first investment might be a good radio mic, because a lot of venues have a sound system in place, and at a lot of events there will be a band or DJ whose system you can link into.
Message: Posted by: Jesse Lewis (Mar 28, 2014 08:24AM)
Seadog,here is the plan to get you a great sound system easily.

Step one: Book a few bar shows
Step two: Go find a rent to own sound store (long and Mcquade, guitar center)
Step Three: rent to test the systems to find a system what suits you use bar money to pay for rental costs
Step five: Purchase one you want on monthly payments
Step six: Use bar money to make monthly payments

This is exactly what I did just starting out and it did 3 things

1. Gave me experience in learning how to first get a show.
2. Gave me insight into how to promote a show to get people in the door.
3. Gave me experience working "tougher crowds" so now I can handle anything.
4. Gave me cash flow to pay for better types of marketing and paid off my sound equipment.

the other option is to require the client either pays for your sound rental with your fee ( I would never mention this to them) OR that you have a performance rider and require suitable sound for yourself and the venue.

Message: Posted by: ThatHypGuy (Mar 31, 2014 05:47PM)
Jesse, that's similar to what I did. I rented a system to find one I liked and the music store I rented from informed me that at the end of their "rental season" they sold off the equipment at substantially reduced rates..which worked GREAT for me! (Low cash flow!)
I got a system I was used to at a huge discount. Then I added my laptop music and away I went!


(If you want to see the music system/setup I use..check out www.my-soundman.com )
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 4, 2014 05:20PM)
Okay guys I'm learning (...I think ...slowly).
I made a post in the "Inner thoughts" thread, but I'm not sure anyone saw it. What do you guys think about a JBL eon 515 set and a shure wireless mic?
I believe these are good quality (JBL) and louod enough (1200 watts). There is no seperate mixer to get, I'm not sure if that's good or bad, and there is no monitor, but I believe that they can be set up in the back of the stage facing diagonally.

Here is the post I made "down below," I appreciate any feedback, even if (ESPECIALLY if) it's that I'm totally no getting it.

This discussion has been eye opening, I'm going to re-read the whole thing.

I think the real answer is to talk to someone live and in person, which I plan on doing, but it seems ideal to get feedback from mentalist and hypnotist performers as well so I wonder what you guys think of something like below? I believe it is similar to what Geoff Ronning uses.

I think this is 1200 watts (625 watts per speaker). No mixer because they are powered and there is no monitor so either one would be added or (based on the recommendation in "Maximum Entertainment") placed in the back of the stage facing diagonally across the room.

based on the low price I'm assuming this is not as good as this:
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Apr 5, 2014 05:49PM)
Although all of the links provide in the above post seem dead, I will say that I do like the JBL EON series of powered speakers. While I have both the newer and the slightly older (5 or so years old) versions, I like them both. The newer ones are lighter and more portable, but I think I personally prefer the sound of the former model EONS a bit better. Of course Shure are the workhorse mics of the industry, you can't really go wrong with these as well.

An additional mixer can still be added if desired, and additional EONS can be chained for monitor purposes if needed.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Apr 6, 2014 01:08AM)
Shoot! It seems that the Café has started automatically abbreviating links, which is fine unless I try to cut and paste.

Sorry about that, but thank you so much for your feedback.
The Eon set link was:
and the shure link was:

It sounds to me like this is a good set to start off with and later a third spacer for a monitor should be added.
Can ask about the benefits of an additional mixer? Is that something you would recommend?