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Topic: Which one would you recommend I join
Message: Posted by: ihave (Mar 28, 2014 04:01PM)
Which one would you recommend ( group ) for beginners?
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Mar 28, 2014 06:30PM)
If you have more than one local ring in your area, I would suggest going to their meetings as a guest.
You can get a feel for their activities, friendliness, but most of all, if you feel comfortable with the members.
Message: Posted by: kasper (Mar 29, 2014 10:14AM)
I left and never went back. They were in it for themselves and ran it like a cult.
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Mar 29, 2014 11:20AM)
I suppose it depends on the members. The ring I belong to is very friendly and helpful.
That's why it's important to attend as a guest to get a feel to determine if it's for you or not
Message: Posted by: Ba Ba Booey (Mar 29, 2014 08:31PM)
Aren't rings for IBM and assemblies for SAM? If the local groups are pretty much equal, I'd go with SAM because the magazine is better. If membership is not required, go as a guest as long as you can, as was suggested in the above post, to sort of feel things out.
Message: Posted by: tstrong2 (Apr 27, 2014 10:36PM)
I just joined as a paperless global member. I was mostly looking for the general liability insurance, and I am an hour away from two assemblies. I don't have the time or the gas to make it to the meetings. The M-U-M online goes back to 2012. And the videos go all the way back to silent films from the conventions.