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Topic: Beginners guide to mentalism...?
Message: Posted by: ethanbanks (Mar 31, 2014 02:09PM)
Hey all,

I just wanted to know what would be a good place to start in mentalism. I really want to start mentalism and get into it, but I don't know where to start...


Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Mar 31, 2014 02:54PM)
The search function is a great place to start as the question has been asked and answered plenty of times.
Message: Posted by: mastermindreader (Mar 31, 2014 03:32PM)
Read the material at the following link. It's free:

Message: Posted by: dzen871 (Apr 1, 2014 10:56AM)
Searh through google "Mentalism for begginers site:www.themagiccafe.com"
Message: Posted by: John C (Apr 1, 2014 06:00PM)
Start at the beginning. Don't get bogged down buying a bunch of stuff cause after you've spent a ton of money you will invariably come back here and ask the same question.

Books and books. Listen to Bob. I may as well not repeat it. Search for the answer to your question.

It all takes time. You have to be willing to put in the time.

Why do you want to learn mentalism?
Message: Posted by: cirrus (Apr 1, 2014 06:03PM)
First establish the goal you want to achieve, then buy the books necessary to achieve that goal. The best thing I can say is download the introduction to mentalism by Craig Browning before you even buy a book. http://www.lulu.com/shop/p-craig-browning/mentalism-introduction-resource-list/ebook/product-15574606.html

This will give you all the info you are looking for now.
Message: Posted by: London (Apr 2, 2014 09:28AM)
Depending on what you want to do there are many options on where to start. My introduction to mentalism was "Miracles in Mentalism" compiled by Bob Nelson however if I were to recommend a starting point a great inexpensive book to obtain is "The Amateur Magician's Handbook" by Henry Hay. There is a excellent section on mentalism in there that in my opinion is well worth the minimal cost of the book. It really depends on what direction you are going with it. But there are some fundamental things that should be learned regardless which direction you are heading. But that is just my 2 cents.