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Topic: Plans for a Suitcase Busking Table
Message: Posted by: sdmagic (Apr 5, 2014 12:50PM)
Here's a simple idea for a table:


Message: Posted by: MRSharpe (Apr 5, 2014 02:14PM)
Very nice! Thanks for posting this!
Message: Posted by: noland (Apr 6, 2014 10:39AM)
Does the suit case also carry props, or does it only carry the table base? If it only carries the table base, I don't quite grasp the advantage over a standard collapsible tripod stand and screw on table top, or better yet, screw on brief case (since the brief case can carry props).
Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (Apr 6, 2014 10:46PM)
The technique is known as a Harbin Table, where the legs can be folded and still have a sturdy surface. I doubt there would be room for props with the legs in the suitcase.

That particular suitcase looks rather cheap ... perhaps the cheapest looking Harbin table I've ever seen. You can find much better quality tables that fold up like that.

Message: Posted by: Iron Butterfly (Apr 7, 2014 01:39AM)
You need a sturdy table as well. No matter how many times I tell kids not to put weight on the table there will be one who forgets. granted people aren't always that close but you need to expect the unexpected. I am very happy with an liite weight organ/synthesizer stand, which is adjustable and two book shelf slats duck taped together for fold up. I use my sons old baby blanket to cover the table. I have a poachers pouch underneath.

More power to you if whatever your using works. Actually your video has mad me consider replacing the wood boards with a suit case.
Message: Posted by: magictim (Apr 7, 2014 12:01PM)
I think the part I was most impressed with your plans is the ingenuity in making spring hinges. I know there are a couple of good tutorials in the workshop forum, but I like the idea of not having to make my own springs. Very creative.
Good job.