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Topic: Mixed Up Thank You silk anybody used this?
Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Jan 9, 2004 03:13PM)
I stopped at the local magic store today and they had a large semi transparent silk with what appeared to be the words Thank You written on it front and back.
But actually it was just part of the words and some letters backwards.
The effect was to produce the silk and have whoever was assisting open it to the audience, but obviously it comes out wrong so they flip it and again it almost looks right but not quite.
The magician is supposed to be packing up and glances at the asst....then makes suggestions...No No upside down...no other way...no fold it over...etc...
It appeared funny as heck to me because when I first opened it I actually started flipping it around thinking I had it backwards or something.

Sorry if this an old gag, it was my first time seeing it and seemed like a good gag.
Only they wanted $18.99 and right now it wasn't that good for me.
Just wondered if anyone else seen it or liked this?
Nick Zender
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 9, 2004 04:47PM)
This is a very old gag, originally put out by Magic, Inc. in Chicago. It was called "Snarf", Over the years, Every time I was in Chicago they never had any available. I don't think they ever made any after the first run.

I think it is a nice gag. I have never seen it actually performed by anyone.

Bill :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Jan 9, 2004 05:31PM)
Thanks Bill,
I do remember now the name on the package was in fact Snarf....
I just thought it was inventory numbers since it didn't seem to have anything to do with the trick.
I'm going to shop around and see if I can find it somewhere a little cheaper.
Appreciate all your tips....great for us rookies.
Thanks again
Nick Zender
Message: Posted by: cat26 (Jan 9, 2004 05:45PM)
I got one off of Ickle Pickle. Steve Bender uses it in some of his lectures. It's great ending to a comedy presentation/routine. It seems to work better at the actual end of your performance than as an opener or middle piece. Hope this helps. cheers......... :cucumber: