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Topic: S.A.M. magic wand?
Message: Posted by: DannySanz (Apr 7, 2014 03:19AM)
Hello fellow compeers!
Having recently researched and read over the Constitution and Ritual manual for the Society, I came across a reference to Magic Wands being presented to new members when being inducted. I am aware that each assembly is allowed leeway when it comes to rituals and ceremonies and my assembly is very relaxed. I like this. But I am also enjoy a good memorable ceremony with meaningful tokens and speeches ect. Can anyone comment on the wand that is mentioned? Is it an older custom? Is it still followed? Is it just any wand or one that the society provides and if so did it used to be included in membership fees? Thanks for any responses.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 7, 2014 08:50AM)
I'm not aware of a national provision or guideline for providing members with a wand. In the official SAM Broken Wand Ceremony there is a line that reads, "Compeer (Name of magician), when you were initiated into the Society of American Magicians, you were presented with a wand, this ancient emblem of mystery." That is the only mention of a wand presented to members that I am aware of. If you can provide the page and paragraph numbers for the constitution or ritual manual, I can look further.

The SAM webstore sells a ceremonial wand as well as engraved close-up and standard size wands.

In a previous Assembly, it was traditional to pass a ceremonial wand between incoming and outgoing Presidents as a symbol of authority and the passing thereof. It was also common to present the outgoing President with an engraved wand as a memento.

In the '70's, my Assembly presented new Assembly members with a ceremonial wand. This wand was traditionally the one broken in the traditional Broken Wand ceremony upon the magician's death. The cost of the wand was included in membership fees for the Assembly. I haven't seen this practice in any of my clubs since then.

I suspect that this is up to your Assembly leadership.
Message: Posted by: mkarav (Apr 9, 2014 01:40PM)
I just rejoined SAM. I was reinstated from 1977. How tome flies.