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Topic: Looking for a manufacturer to build custom table base(s)
Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Apr 9, 2014 08:29AM)
I'm working on a project that involves customizing an existing metal stand/table base.
It works, but id like to add one more feature which would mean starting from scratch with a manufacturer.

Does anyone know of a company that can build a custom stand that won't cost a fortune?
I would need a prototype to start, with the intention of producing larger numbers.

BTW, did some of my own "Google research," and and sent out a few email enquiries, to no avail..at least, so far.


Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Apr 9, 2014 08:44AM)
I should add that the style of base is designed to hold a keyboard (musical instrument), with 'X' leg bracing.
Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Apr 10, 2014 09:57AM)
I should also mention that I am looking for a metal stand, not wood.