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Topic: Stranger situation
Message: Posted by: Dante Yang (Apr 11, 2014 10:03AM)
Hallo,every one .this is Dante......again .
last night I successfully hypnotized a friend of me.it encourage me to try more people.and I continue to hypnotize another friend.
but tonight ,when I tried to hypnotize a classmate,he was friendly ,and cooperative enough,and he respond just like anyone else .but when I waked him up ,all my suggestions failed.he said he just can't sleep......what can I do....Are there someone who just can't or hardly be hypnotized?
Message: Posted by: Gordon the discombobulator (Apr 12, 2014 06:09AM)
Everyone is different. There is no one 'standard' way to hypnotise people.
You have to keep analysing your successes and failures all the time.
Over time you will start to recognise the different ways that people respond and you will adapt your techniques accordingly.
You will work out, from experience, which methods work best in response to the different reactions.

But mostly you need to look at yourself. Are you confident they will be hypnotised ? Are you projecting that confidence ?
Do you say "we will give it a try" or do you say "Yes, I WILL hypnotise you"

Having said all that, there are times when some people just don't want to be hypnotised and it is best to just accept that and move on.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 12, 2014 11:20AM)
I actually got a lot more success by saying "lets give this a try". By focusing on the process instead of being a "hypnotist" I found that resistance was sufficiently reduced. And also the potential for being ridiculed was also markedly deflated. It also fostered an attitude of taking part and taking some responsibility for the outcome desired. It also took the pressure off having to "be the hypnotist" and removed the blame for failure.

Within that frame you can then move towards being more directive.

I have always worked this way with hypnosis and have always found it to be more flexible much more useful.

At the end of the day hypnosis isn't something you do it isn't a thing. Its a psychological process that's a part of how the mind functions naturally. We really want to learn how to direct that process for the purpose of our intentions be it entertainment therapy or performance enhancement.

There really is no hypnotist only the process.But then that's just another way to "be the hypnotist" covertly.