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Topic: Does anyone do lighter tricks?
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Jan 10, 2004 05:36PM)
I think the title pretty much explains it all. I'm working on one from Ron Jaxon that's pretty cool. I figured lighters and flashpaper would go together well since this way you could openly use something to light the flash paper. This could give you an excuse to go in your pocket for flashpaper, plus many other ideas.
What are your guys' thoughts on the subject? Also, if you have some cool ideas, but don't know how they would get accomplished, post them here and we can put our minds together to figure out a way.
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Jan 12, 2004 04:02PM)
Tommy Wonder does a lighter to matchbox effect. Books of Wonder vol2 & also on a video.
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Jan 13, 2004 12:44AM)
OHH ya! Good call, I forgot all about that! I don't have any of Tommy's stuff, but I remembered considering buying that video. Is that trick any good? Do you ever use it?
Message: Posted by: perlimpinpin (Jan 13, 2004 06:13AM)
There's also a 'paddle'-type effect around which uses a lighter and [I think] some adhesive colored dots. The dots change colors and places I think.

Recently I saw a friend perform an effect where he does a color change effect with candles. He uses a lighter. The candle changes from yellow to red - I suggested that he do a color change on the lighter as well, on the off-beat after the candle change. Works nicely.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jan 13, 2004 07:40AM)
I used to do a simple “impromptu” (yeah, sure!) routine that used a lighter and a man’s cotton handkerchief. What you saw was the handkerchief pulled over and through the lighter’s flame without harming the hank (the lighter was under the hank and the flame seen on the other side). As the following edge of the hank came close to dropping and revealing the lighter there would be a flash and the hand would be seen empty, the lighter had vanished. The hank would be opened out and seen unharmed.

It was a nice and easy to perform trick. Items needed are a good quality loose weave cotton or linen man’s handkerchief, a BIC or similar lighter, a small bit of flash paper, and a length of elastic, a safety pin and a rubber band.

I used to “show off” my manipulation skills by performing many cigarette manipulation moves with a BIC lighter.

I also have a custom made set of “Multiplying Lighters” (think Multiplying Candles) for a stand up act that included cigarette manipulation and a comedy multiplying lighter routine (each lighter was burning).

I also used to perform the color changing lighters (a Fantasio item for a standard size BIC lighter).

Finally I still have, but rarely perform, the marked coin to transparent lighter trick. The coin vanishes and is found inside the transparent body of a lighter (this is being made as a coin to Tic-Tac container now). The coin is then magically “plucked” from the lighter and comes out wet from the lighter fluid!

Those are just a few of the many dozen tricks using cigarette lighters.
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Jan 14, 2004 01:43PM)
On 2004-01-13 01:44, magicgetsgirls wrote:
OHH ya! Good call, I forgot all about that! I don't have any of Tommy's stuff, but I remembered considering buying that video. Is that trick any good? Do you ever use it?

Well, it is what it is, lighter to matchbox - if that's an effect you'd like to do, TW will teach you how. I don't do it because it doesn't fit into any routine I do.
I don't think anyone can go wrong with any of his books or videos, he really thinks things through. Very educational.
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Jan 14, 2004 09:21PM)
Ya one of my buddies who I highly look up to will never stop saying good things about Tommy Wonder whenever we session. Thanks for all your input, guys. The reason is because I'm working on a nutty lighter trick but wanted to have some build up. Once I become a millionare from this routine, you guys can all stay in my mansion.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 14, 2004 09:41PM)
Years ago Nicaboro Brothers sold a "Bill to Lighter" I recently seen this effect advertised by someone else. Think Hank Lee has it in his latest flyer.

There has never been many lighter effects on the market. I also purchased a color changing lighter from Magic Christian. It was a old style lighter, oval shaped, turning the lighter in your hand changed the color. Never thought much of it, I was looking for something more visible for stage.

Bill :fyi:
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Jan 16, 2004 12:42AM)
Bill, did the "dollar to lighter" effect look any good?