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Topic: Photo prediction
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (Apr 22, 2014 03:13PM)
Hi all.
Just wondering I know it's not a new app but I really think it's brill was just curious as to what ideas have ye came up with in using this app !
Message: Posted by: koreancanuck (May 3, 2014 07:30PM)
I just did a performance for a magic circle meeting last month. A spectator took a random card and signed it. I didn't see what card he took, but I took his card face down and put it in the middle of the deck in the card box, closed it up, then put it away in my jacket pocket. I then took out my phone and showed him my photo album and the last photo was a Selfie of me holding up the card he chose. This is a great stealth app, and it's totally examinable afterwards because it literally can be a picture you took that's actually on your photo album. ( and of course I used another trick with this app, specifically with the deck. ;) )
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (May 6, 2014 03:23PM)
Yep very good I really think it's an amazing app , really they are endless routines and just this weekend I used to on a spec and when you see the results it really makes me wanna keep doin it , top notch and as you said end totally clean which it an added bonus 👍
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (May 15, 2015 06:13PM)
Hi all, I made the change from ios to android, anyone know if this is on android? Tried google play and it don't look the same?
Message: Posted by: ursmagicbalu (May 16, 2015 04:31AM)
Try foto prediction but it has only 104 outs
Message: Posted by: Gui Del Frate (May 16, 2015 10:05PM)
Hi, Robbie!

Unfortunately there isn't an Android version of PhotoPrediction. "Foto Prediction" is a completely different app, created by someone else.

All my best,

Message: Posted by: ursmagicbalu (May 17, 2015 12:15AM)
The same can be achieved using Foto prediction in Android.
Message: Posted by: robbie mcgrath (May 17, 2015 03:45AM)
K thanks for all the replies, I just got telephoto, must get foto prediction to again